Tarun Bajaj is a science graduate and a pharmacist by profession. Since childhood, his fondness for reading stories was nurturing him as a future writer and today by divine grace he is presenting an article. Somewhere in this article, a glimpse of his sensitive personality and imaginary ability is visible through the composition of words.

As the family settled on the table, the little gal among them raked the restaurant with inquisitive eyes and stopped her stare on an area which was separated from their dining area by a transparent glass embossed with the name “The Royales”. The waiters from that area were dressed more elegantly and carrying fine bone china cutlery.. The families sitting inside the Royales seemed to her be wearing stern attire studded with the richness the girl have seen in some movies.

Flauntness was  dancing in that area with such carefulness that if slipped,it will create lot of silent hue and cry..She noticed that even dishes are being bestowed upon guests like some award ceremony is going on. As her eyes darted from table to table ,she noticed the sign RESERVED on a wooden plate..placed on an empty table which was being prepared by the waiters .The napkins were arranged in swan shape and flower vases were decorated with white lilies and purple orchids . Deep in her heart she was overjoyed for being part of this elite hotel tonight which was chosen to celebrate her mom dad anniversary .

Despite of being a costly affair, the father was determined to make these moments lavish and kept it surprise until the family reached the hotel.The mother and other two children were in sheer disbelief and even complained of not dressing according to the venue.

Finally after some sweet altercation ,the whole family decided to attune their thoughts to match the aura of the this 5 star hotel . The journey of their joy begins with the doorman opening the doors of the car and bowed to the ladies. As they walked through the reception area , their senses were brewing  the emotions of fascination never experienced before.

Holding her father’s hand ,this six year old gal wanted to escape the confines of that bondage for few moments to touch  every nook and corner .Somehow she managed to soak her fingers from the fountain in the middle of the reception area and kept them wet until the family settled on one of the tables in dining area.

As mom was dryin her fingers ,the gal was pondering over the dividing lines prevailed  in the dining area of this hotel. After seeing the RESERVED SIGN ,she asked her mother the meaning of this sign.

“Dear, this sign is used to reserve the table in advance for people” mom said politely.

“Why it’s in that area and not ours?”- pointing her finger to The Royales.

Before mother could speak ,the 11 year son intervened with his logic.” That’s area is for very very very important person and that’s sign represents their presence “

The gal remained silent and when waiter came for order,she promptly asked for that RESERVED sign wooden plate.

With everyone left Astonished, the waiter went back and came with the sign and gave it to the gal presuming it as some childish act. The little gal placed the sign in the middle of the table and declared ” For my mummy and papa who are too very very very important person”.

It seemed for a moment that dividing lines were vanishing.

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