The United States Will Provide Another $100 Million Worth Of Javelin Missiles To Ukraine To Aid In The Fight Against Russian Tanks.

According to an administration official, US President Joe Biden approved a $100 million transfer of Javelin anti-armor missiles to Ukraine on Tuesday.

Since Biden entered office in January, the United States has provided $2.4 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

Late Tuesday, the White House said that Biden had approved the assistance, which is part of a larger $13.6 billion package of aid for Ukraine approved by Congress last month in the aftermath of Russia’s incursion.

The transfer of the Javelin missiles, which the Ukrainian military had sought to confront Russian armour, was verified by an administration official.

To discuss the situation, the official talked to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

This is the sixth shipment of US military hardware to Ukraine since August.

According to the US State Department, the United States has promised $1.7 billion in military gear for Ukraine since the Russian attack began on February 24.

The newly authorised funds would “address an urgent Ukrainian demand for additional Javelin anti-armor systems, which the United States has been giving to Ukraine and they have been utilising so effectively to defend their country,” according to US Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby.

The Russian invaders are currently being ravaged by the Javelin antitank missiles.

Military experts say the lightweight but powerful weapon has aided the underdog Ukrainians in inflicting serious damage on Moscow’s vaunted military and halting their march.

Not only has the American-made weapon become a symbol of resistance, but it’s also been dubbed “Saint Javelin” in a meme developed by Canadian marketer Christian Borys, which depicts Mary Magdalene, an Orthodox church saint, holding a Javelin in her arms.

Similar lists have been filed by the Ukrainians in previous weeks, but a recent request to US senators appears to indicate a rising demand for American-made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin anti-tank missiles, with Ukraine claiming it urgently requires 500 of each every day.

The new list comes as Ukrainian officials believe they are facing potential ammunition shortages as a result of Russia’s ongoing onslaught, prompting some resistance from US and NATO officials who point out that more military help is already being sent to Ukraine.

The US and other NATO nations had supplied around 17,000 anti-tank missiles and 2,000 anti-aircraft missiles into Ukraine by March 7, less than two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Even though Russia has threatened to strike the supplies, NATO countries, including the United States, have kept the pipeline of weapons and equipment running.

According to a senior defence official, the last of a $350 million security support package approved in late February landed in Ukraine just a few days ago, while the next two packages totaling $1 billion have already begun to arrive.

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