Editorial July 2024

Dear Esteemed Readers,

As we gracefully enter the balmy embrace of June- July, we are privileged witnesses to nature’s grandest spectacle. This month unfurls before us in a symphony of vibrant hues, and a profound sense of rejuvenation, urging us to pause, introspect, and immerse ourselves in the splendour that surrounds us. Such allure finds its reflection within the captivating pages of this latest edition of The Café Social Magazine.

Gracing our cover is a narrative that resonates deeply with our ethos: an exploration into the “Engine of Growth and Prosperity” with none other than CM Eknath Shinde. His leadership ethos exemplifies a harmonious blend of foresight and action, ensuring inclusive development and a promising future for all citizens of Maharashtra.

Behind this cover unfolds the gripping saga of Dr. Rakesh Kumar Satyashree, a tale of bravery and resilience, navigating through daunting challenges and triumphant moments, illustrates the unwavering spirit of this exceptional officer. This edition presents an array of compelling articles. Notably, a tribute to Preetismita Bhoi’s remarkable journey to success in her chosen athletic field, highlighting her dedication and achievements.

In our “Calling in India” segment, we proudly feature Dr. Pushpa Bhardwaj. Her steadfast commitment has safeguarded the essence of Indian heritage globally, her journey a testament to resilience and cultural bonds. The Café Fashion section continues to captivate, with the vibrant Alankrita Sahai gracing our pages. Her bold yet culturally rooted personality brings dynamism and excitement. In Café Travel, join us on an adventure to Hampi, tracing the ascent of Vijayanagara, an empire woven into history.

The Café Art section entails an in-depth exploration titled “Exquisite Elegance: Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Tanjore Painting,” delving into the art form’s rich heritage, intricate gold leaf detailing, and vibrant hues that embody its cultural significance.

We’ve poured our hearts and minds into this edition, eagerly anticipating your feedback. May you find delight in the fresh and captivating stories within these pages. Happy reading!

By Adv. Nalini Mishra
Editor & Director, Cafe Social

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