The Little Angel and A Little Wonder of our Times – ANGELEENA AVNEE

All fondly call her ‘Angel’.

“She looks like an angel & dances like an angel ….” says, Padmashree Shri Ashish Mohan Khokar, celebrated dance historian & critic.

“Angeleena Avnee captured attention of all with her flawless performance …… The innocence aside, the confidence to execute the footwork, maintain tribhanga, and wear expressions appropriate to the song also spoke of Madhulita’s training and bringing out the best in her. Here is a child prodigy and with support of her parents and guidance from Madhulita, she is bound to go many places. …” … this is how Padmashree Dr. Sunil Kothari, the most respected art scholar & critic, writes about Angeleena Avnee after her performance recently held at ADA Rangamandira.

Little wonder, 11 -years old Angeleena Avnee is considered as a child prodigy & a future face of a promising Odissi dancer. She has been learning Odissi dance since last 8 years at Nrityantar under the able guidance of Guru Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra. She is a keen learner & is very passionate about her dance and loves her Guru Madhulita Mohapatra immensely . She has performed at many prestigious events nationally & internationally , like Odissi International at Bhubaneswar, Chinna Kala Nadam , Puttani Hejje, Sankramana Festival, Alliance Française de Bangalore ,Nakshatra festival, Dance History Society World Dance Day, India International Dance Festival , Articulate Dance festival , Deccan Herald inter School compition (as Guest Performer) , National press Council of India,
Odisha Society of America (USA) , Tumari Smrutire 2019 (Padmashree Smt Sanjuka panigrahi 75th Birth anniversary) and among others.
She has performed 350 above platforms .

She has wowed the audiences & critics alike with precision of her movements, fine footwork, postural grace and clarity of expressions.

She has performed in Kutti kahani which was organised by Padmashree Dr Ananda Shankar , which was telecast on Doordarshan Bharati .

She got Nritya Kanaka Kumud Samman 2017.

GTS women’s Excellence Rising Star awards 2018

Recently she received Debanshi Kala Bidushi Samman 2019.

Also she received Kala Kishore award 2019

Mother Teressa National award 2019 as Child Prodigy

With blessings of Guru Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra & Elders , Angeleena Avnee got 1st place in state lavel competition in the catagory of Purana theme based classical dance organised by International Isckon Heritage fest 2020 Online series.

Recently she had invited for Expo 2020,Dubai @ India pavilion for performance.

Jawaharlal Nehru cultural center embassy of India, Moscow present Child prodigies Kal ke Kalakar” on the occasion of Children’s Day 2021

Angeleena Avnee needs & seeks everyone’s blessings for her art pursuit in her long journey of art that has just begun.

-By Adv. Anindya Mazumdar, Partner, Singhania & Co. LLP

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