The High Court Has Ordered A CBI Investigation Into The Murder Of The Trinamool Congress Leader In Birbhum.

The Calcutta High Court ordered on Friday that the murder of a Trinamool Congress leader, which allegedly led to a vengeance attack in which nine people were burned to death in West Bengal’s Birbhum district last month, should be investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

The High Court had previously ordered a CBI investigation into the heinous Birbhum killings that occurred on March 21 in Bogtui village.

With a plea claiming the two incidents were linked, the court was asked to order a CBI investigation into the murder of Trinamool politician Bhadu Sheikh.

The justices ordered that the murder case against Sheikh be transferred from the state police to the CBI for further investigation.

On March 22, the state police chief stated that the violence in Bogtui occurred within an hour of the murder of Sheikh, the local panchayat’s deputy chief.

Bogtui is around a kilometre distant from the site of Sheikh’s murder.

According to a CBI officer, four West Bengal residents from Mumbai were arrested on Thursday and are accused of being engaged in the Birbhum killings.

These were the agency’s first arrests since taking over the investigation into the killings.

“On March 22, the four suspects, who had direct involvement in the killings, fled from Bogtui to Mumbai.” After their mobile tower location was tracked, they were captured from their hiding early on Thursday morning.

Two of the four apprehended suspects — identified as Bappa and Shabu Sheikh in a FIR filed in connection with the deaths — were listed in the FIR. “Taj Mohammad and Serajul were recognised as the other two,” he claimed.

A Special Investigation Team created by the state government was previously investigating the burning alive of nine individuals after intruders dropped petrol bombs on multiple houses in the village.

On March 25, the CBI filed a case against 22 people in connection with the event.

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