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By Adv, Surabhi Sankhla

The story of the Garg brothers is the actual epitome and most perfect fit in the definition of this segment “Shunya se Shikhar Tak”

Stories of the individuals who emerge from the modest background to achieve extra-ordinary success are both inspiring and heart-warming

This is the tale of a family who belonged to a lower middle class household and started from a single room, where the father use to self clothes on cycle to earn a living and the mother was a house maker. Despite these humble beginnings the children of this family have managed to overcome their circumstances, becoming engineers and making a significant impact on the development and infrastructure industry, particularly in the realm of PPP Model like BOT, HAM and annuity.


The story begins in a rented single room living family of 7 people, mother father and their 5 sons. The father a determined man, paddled clothes from place to place on his bicycle, working tirelessly to provide for his family. Their mother though not formally educated but instilled the strong sense of values and determination in her children. Growing up in such a modest environment, the children faced numerous challenges but were raised with a spirit of perseverance that served them well in the life.


In the modest nestled household the Garg family knew the value of hardwork and determination. In the modest dwelling the Garg family found themselves bound by the limited means but unlimited dreams. Yet the humble beginning has laid the foundation to the most awe-inspiring story of resilience and triumph

Tikamchand Garg, the eldest son of the family emerged as a beacon of hope. He displayed as a remarkable passion for learning and an unrelenting commitment to the education. Despite facing countless challenges he persevered and secured admission to the Government engineering college and his graduation marked the first significant step towards the brighter future.


Armed with an engineering degree. Tikamchand Garg embarked on a journey of his own. He started taking on small government infrastructure projects, gradually gaining recognition and work opportunities with his dedication. The turning point arrived when they were entrusted with a substantial project that would change their trajectory of their lives forever.

And with work load came the need of more hands on the deck. Tikamchand’s younger brother who was also keen of the industrial work Rajesh Garg joined the company taking on the responsibilities of managing the operations. Their collaboration was instrumental in propelling the company to new heights.

Today, the Garg’s family company stands tall in the realm of the infrastructure business. They have become synonymous with the quality and innovation, creating thousands of job opportunities along the way Their family business extended beyond the infrastructure company and all the brothers started venturing more businesses like marble and tiles, builders, textile. Under the name “KALYAN” they built an empire that encompass various Industries all of which have thrived under the Garg’s family leadership.

Alongside the thriving business, the Garg family never has forgotten their roots and giving back to the society making them not only business leaders but also community champions.


In their quest to create the brighter future, the Garg family realized the significance of education and transforming lives. They established a school under the name “Kalyan Vidhya Niketan”, where they provide quality education to the children’s, many of whom may not have had the access otherwise. This school is the testament to nurturing young minds and offering them brighter future.


Recognizing the importance of healthcare and unavailability to the economically weaker section of the society they established a charitable Hospital for Thalassemia and Dialysis, renovated the renowned Geeta Bhawan hospital and also opened a blood bank. Their hospital serves as beacon of hope to endless people in Indore district.


The Garg family’s commitment to business excellence goes hand in hand with their dedication to making a positive impact on the society. They have shown that success doesn’t have to come on the cost of social responsibility. Infact, their success has become their means to uplift the society


The path to the success was not without obstacles. They faced financial challenges, skepticism from peers, and the extreme pressure of proving themselves in a highly competitive field. However, their shared determination and belief in their vision fuelled their journey. They used their backgrounds and early struggles as source of motivation rather than the hindrances


Today their company “Kalyan Toll infrastructure Ltd” and all the other companies under the name KALYAN stand as a shining example of sheer determination and hard work that a strong vision can achieve. Their work in the development and infrastructure industry has garnered recognition and respect from peers and competitors alike.


The story of this family serves as an inspiring tale for aspiring engineers and entrepreneurs. It highlights that no matter how humble one’s beginning may be, with determination, dedication, education and relentless pursuit of one’s dreams, remarkable success is within reach.

The family’s journey from a rented single room to the forefront of the infrastructure industry exemplifies the Indomitable human spirit and limitless potential that can be unlocked through perseverance and steadfast commitment to the goals. Their story is the testament to the idea that dreams can be realized, regardless of one’s starting point and serves as a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream big.


In the world of entrepreneurship, it’s easy to underestimate the challenges that lie ahead. As the MD, Mr Rajesh Garg rightly pointed out that many things may seem simple when someone else is doing them, but once you dive in, you realize the sleepless nights and dedication required. He says for me; entrepreneurship success demands a blend of “madness and passion”. One must be willing to push boundaries and persist through adversity.

Additionally, a sharp and an adaptable mindset are essential. Be open to learn, adjust and embrace change. While determination is key, key, so is flexibility. Destiny can play a role too, but be focused on your efforts and commitment to your goals. Don’t settle for normal life; pursue your entrepreneurial dreams with dedication and determination.

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