Sonia Gandhi Criticises The BJP For Distorting History in Order To Further A “Divisive, Polarising” Agenda.

Sonia Gandhi, the Congress president, accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of “mischievously” falsifying history on Tuesday, saying the ruling party’s “divisive and polarising” agenda has become a common element of political discourse in state after state.

History is erroneously perverted, not only in the past but also in the present, and facts are maliciously fabricated to further this purpose. It is incumbent on all of us to take a stand against these forces of hatred and bigotry.” Gandhi stated that they will not allow them to undermine the centuries-old links of amity and harmony that have existed in India’s diverse community.

Between the Congress and the BJP, the interpretation of history has been a point of disagreement. The government has also made a point of blaming India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, for the country’s problems.

Gandhi also warned the government against the asset monetisation scheme, claiming it will be a “disaster” similar to demonetisation in 2016. She insisted on having a conversation on the border situation.

“The value of non-alignment as a foundational principle of the nation’s foreign policy that was criticised so much has now, I am glad to note, been rediscovered even though it may not be acknowledged as such,” Gandhi said, referring to the government’s stance on Russia despite pressure to boycott Russian products and oil in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine.

Gandhi urged the authorities to ensure the future of Indian students who had been evacuated from the Ukraine’s war-torn country. “As soon as possible, the future of the thousands of students who have been evacuated from Ukraine must be secured. And, sooner rather than later, the enormous cost of medical education will come to an end.

She also mentioned the trade unions’ request for a countrywide strike, saying that labour regulations have been weakened at a time when unemployment and job instability are on the rise. “Interest rates on employee provident funds have been significantly decreased. Under the guise of ‘asset monetization,’ public sector firms, which are the only source of employment for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, are being sold off. This will be a repeat of the debacle that was demonetisation.”

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