Ramayana inspires us to protect living human beings and the environment: CM Yogi

On October 5th, Wednesday, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath visited Shaheed Ashfaq Ulla Khan Zoological Park, where he stated that in Ramraj’s spirit everyone should contribute to the protection of all living beings as he fed and named two female leopard cubs in the park (Bhavani and Chandi).

Department to establish a separate cadre of veterinary
officers for wildlife treatment and protection.

He was addressing the programme organised here after visiting the exhibition. On the occasion, he quoted RamcharitManas, “Hit Anahit PasuPachhiu Jana, ManushTanu Gun GyanNidhana.” According to the Chief Minister, who is the beneficiary and the one that causes harm, vibrations occur in animals. To elaborate on this quote, he stated that MaryadaPurushottam Lord Shri Ram had gone to the forest with Mother Sita and his cousin Lakshmana, but during his exile, he was assisted by forest dwellers, bears, monkeys, vultures, and even trees, plants, and forests. Rivers pulled it off.

According to the Chief Minister, man will be protected only if he is aware of his responsibilities to nature and animals. He mentioned the efforts taken by state governmen in the areas of wildlife conservation and eco-tourism. The CM also stated that the state’s first night safari in Lucknow is being rushed that will promote eco-tourism and instil a sense of respect for wildlife, as well as provide entertainment.

CM stated that Lord Rama spent the majority of his time in exile in Chitrakoot. As a result, he announced the establishment of a Tiger Reserve in Ranipur, Chitrakoot. The government is establishing wildlife rescue centres in Maharajganj, Meerut, Chitrakoot, and Pilibhit, among other places. According to the Chief Minister, the government has classified wildlife losses as disasters.

CM stated that the government is worried about aquatic life conservation and hence the NamamiGange project is extremely beneficial in this regard. Similarly, aquatic creatures were nearly extinct in Jajmau due to the fall of leather industry waste. Aquatic organisms have been revived, and a large number of aquatic creatures have begun to appear in the river.

 Considering the dolphins discovered in the Ganges the government has chosen Nishadraj as the location for dolphin conservation. The CM promised that the government would take every possible step to protect dolphins.

Hon’ble CM Yogi with MP Ravi Kishan celebrating Dolphin Day

While dealing with various issues and developments, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed the forest department to establish a separate cadre of veterinary officers for wildlife treatment and protection.

CM Yogi also urged people to plant more trees for environmental protection. He asserts that 100 crore trees have been planted in Uttar Pradesh during the past five years, the highest in the entire world.

The Chief Minister displayed over 2500 dock tickets at the venue’s Heritage Foundation stall, an organisation that works in the field of wildlife. All of these dock tickets were on display at Wildlife, thanks to collector Ashwani Kumar Dubey. At the stalls were Dr. Anita Agarwal, patron of Heritage Foundation, Manish Choubey of Heritage Aviance, and Mallika Mishra, convener of Heritage Warriors. Visiting the stalls of India Turtle Survivor, Dudhwa Forest, Sohgibarwa, and Van Nigam Lucknow, on the other hand, made me appreciate the work that these organisations do to protect the environment and wildlife. Dr. Yogesh Singh, Veterinary Officer, was honoured by Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, on the occasion of “Wildlife Week 2022” as a token of appreciation for his good work in conserving the wildlife at Gorakhpur Zoo. Dr. Raj Mohan, the Zoo’s Director, and Deputy Regional Forest Officer were also present.

The government would soon start providing jungle safaris in Maharajganj’sSogibarwa, according to Dr.Arun Kumar Saxena, Minister of State (Independent Charge) of the Forest, Environment, Zoological Park, and Climate Change Department, who made the announcement during the programme. The Forest Minister mentioned Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s passion of the natural world and wildlife, saying that the first thing he did when he got up on his birthday was plant a plantation.

On this occasion, Minister of State for Forest, Environment, Zoological Park and Climate Change Department KP Malik, MP Ravi Kishan, Mayor SitaramJaiswal, BJP Regional President and MLC Dr Dharmendra Singh, etc were present.

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