National Press Day-Press Council of India!!

The foundation of the Press Council of India is commemorated each year on November 16th as National Press Day (PCI). The council serves as a moral compass for the Indian press, ensuring that journalists are not influenced or influenced by external considerations when reporting stories.

PCI is responsible for regulating, inspecting, and monitoring all journalistic activity in the country. It ensures that journalism’s reputation is preserved, as the press is regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy in India.

The council also assesses the quality of Indian media reporting. It keeps an eye on journalistic operations to ensure that they are not being tampered with.

Facts about the Press Council of India :

When the Press Council of India was established as a statutory, quasi-judicial body on July 4, 1966, it was chaired by Justice J. R. Mudholkar, a Supreme Court judge at the time. Later that year, on November 16th, the Council went into effect. The Press Council Act of 1978 established the organization.

The current chairperson (2011–2014) is Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad, who succeeded Justice Markandey Katju as chairman of the Press Council of India. He was elected chairman of the council in 2014 and was recently re-elected for a second term.

How is the day celebrated?

Since its inception, the Press Council has hosted several seminars on November 16 to honor the day. The PCI has held seminars on a variety of topics, including the Right to Information Act, the function of the media in a crisis, the media’s role in raising citizen awareness of fundamental duties, and its involvement in disaster preparedness. The seminars last one or two days and aim to raise awareness about the need for the free and responsible press in the country.

History of the Press Council of India :

The First Press Commission voted in 1956 to establish a statutory organization charged with upholding journalistic ethics. The Commission believed that a governing organization was necessary to connect journalists and to resolve any disputes that emerged.

As a result, ten years later, on November 16, 1996, the Press Commission established the PCI. Since then, National Press Day in India has been observed on November 16th every year to honor the council’s founding.

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