Inbook an attempt to change the picture

Today, there is a rapid change in society. We are now living in the digital world. There is no limit to this world. It is unlimited. That’s everything here. Just need to do a ‘touch’ on a mobile, laptop, tablet, PC, etc. There was no ‘touch’ that an arbitrary thing was found. How much easier this digital world has made our lives. We are beginning to get things through the magic shackles. In this constant race for progress, social networks are becoming a powerful medium, where everything is there • good or bad too. Surveillance is nothing special either. Somewhere it does not match Indian civilization and culture. Keeping this in mind, a different kind of social network ‘Inbook’ has been launched. This network is completely indigenous. It is Indian. It is free from adulteration. There is not the slightest influence of Western culture on this.

There is a huge objective behind launching ‘Inbook’, which is directly connected to the general public. Its goal is to make common people a part of its social network. Whatever ingredients are in it, it has been served completely keeping in mind the Indian civilization and culture. It doesn’t mean there’s no modernity. It is completely modern, digital, yet in the social realm. It does not contain ingredients to contaminate the brain, but tonic it. Every effort has been made to keep it free from negativity.

Inbook’s are not just limited to digital platforms. It also deals with the real world. Under this, many charitable works are being done, which are dedicated to the upliftment of the society. For this, education is being promoted in the society and it is being empowered. ‘Inbook’ has started opening libraries in rural areas, where people are being encouraged to read books. In those places, ‘Inbook’ has been available to books by giving most of the support. Encouraged by its initiative, local people are also contributing to it. Along with this, various programs are organized on Independence Day, Republic Day and other occasions.

Inbook is taking care of those who are deprived through its magazine. They did not get the respect they truly deserve in society. For example, a sanitation worker is usually looked down upon, but if he does not come to work for a few days, his importance is understood. It becomes difficult to live without cleanliness. Similarly, if a traffic constable does not control traffic properly, it becomes difficult to walk on the road.

In this ‘Inbook’, we are bringing news and problems from far-flung areas, which no one reports. Not only will those problems be published, there is also a plan to send a copy of this magazine to various departments, bureaucrats and government agencies. Through this, our effort is to change the picture of deprived areas.

It is true that ‘the problems of rural and remote areas will be prominently published in the Inbook, but this does not mean that the urban areas will be left out.’ He will also be part of our news and articles. Along with this, there will be many articles and columns related to health, sports, politics, economic, industry. It will be presented keeping in mind the interest and needs of the readers.

I hope you will like it. Yes, its basic foundation is the readers. Therefore, readers must make us aware of our goodness, shortcomings and errors with their ideas and suggestions, so that we can make the necessary corrections in the next issue. I hope you will like this effort.

Surendra Kumar Pahwa
Ex Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
Ex Vice Chairman, Settlement Commission of India)

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