Gorakhpur, a culturally affluent city, recently hosted the ‘Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024,’ a three-day film festival that went beyond cinematic appreciation to explore environmental conscience. Embraced by the chilly embrace of winter, this cinematic extravaganza, this cinematic spectacular took place from January 11 to 13, 2024, weaving a narrative around the themes of ‘Eco- Tourism, Wildlife, Environment, and Climate Change.’

The festival, inaugurated by eminent actor Ravi Kishan, the festival echoed with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to the government’s pledge for environmental conservation. The event shone a spotlight on the BJP-led double-engine government’s unwavering dedication to eco-tourism, environmental protection, and wildlife conservation. Wetland and grassland preservation, river cleanliness, and the noble cause of dolphin conservation emerged as focal points in this environmentally conscious initiative.

Renowned wildlife filmmaker Mike Hari Govind Pandey exalted the film festival for its great impact in raising vigilance about for fending the planet,

This cinematic journey spanned 16 films and an exhilarating online quiz, magnetizing an audience of around 1,200, including 800 students. The Heritage Foundation seized this opportunity to promulgate the launch of Heritage Warriors, emphasizing voluntary service in the environmental sector.

The festival wasn’t just a visual treat, it was a platform for gregarious change. Sundry schools and universities participated, and participants received certificates, fostering a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. Notable environmentalists and experts including Chief Forest Conservator Gorakhpur Division Bhim Sen, DFO Vikas Yadav, Director of Shaheed Ashfaq Ulla Khan Prani Udyan Dr. Manoj Kumar Shukla, Heritage Foundation Trustees Rajiv Datt Pandey, and Manish Choubey, graced the occasion, guiding the audience towards a collective commitment to environmental conservation.

Dr. Anita Agrawal, honoured with the GKP Ratan Award for environmental conservation in the “Film for Humanity” series, delivered a compelling message endorsed by CM Yogi Adityanath, urging everyone to be custodians of nature. Leading the campaign in collaboration with GKP Forest Department and GKP Zoo, Dr. Agrawal works alongside key figures: Manoj KM Shukla (Director, GKP Zoo), Mr. Bhimsen (Chief Conservator of Forest, GKP Forest Department), Mr. Vikas Yadav (DFO), Dr. Harendra Singh (SDO Forest), Dr. Yogesh Pratap Singh (Veterinary Doctor at GKP Zoo), and R.K. Singh (Veterinary Doctor at Kanpur Zoo). Their collective focus on sustainable development, addressing climate challenges, and ensuring a healthier Earth resonates profoundly for future generations.

 In this noble endeavour, Café Social played a pivotal role as the media partner, amplifying the impact of the Festival and elongating its reach to a wider audience. The work of the Heritage Foundation, especially conservationist Anil Kumar Tiwari, was lauded for fostering environmental awareness through the captivating lens of cinema.

The ‘Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024’ stands not just as a cinematic celebration but serves as a lighthouse illuminating the path towards a more harmonious coexistence with the earth.

By Adv. Nalini Mishra
Editor & Director, Cafe Social

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