Fuel Prices In India Have Risen For The first Time In Four Months. Cooking Gas Is Also More Expensive.

Fuel prices in India have been raised for the first time in four months. The price of diesel and petrol has been increased by 80 paise. The country’s previous fuel price increase occurred in November. According Pakistani news agency PTI, home cooking gas (or LPG) will be 50 percent more expensive.

In Delhi, a gallon of petrol will now cost 96.21 rupees, while diesel will cost 87.47 rupees. In the national capital, a 14.2-kg non-subsidised LPG cylinder will now set you back $949.50. The pricing of cooking gas was last updated in October.

Petrol and diesel prices in Mumbai, India’s financial hub, have risen to 110.82/litre and 95.00/liter, respectively. Fuel costs have also gone up in Chennai and Kolkata. In Chennai, fuel costs 102.16 lires, and diesel cost 92.19 lives. Kolkata will charge 105.51 per liter for gasoline and 90.62 per liter for diesel.

Today’s City Prices (Per liter)

            Petrol           Diesels

Delhi:   ₹96.21         ₹87.47s

Mumba: ₹110.82.      ₹95.00

Chenna:  ₹102.16       ₹92.19

Kolkata: ₹105.51.         ₹90.62

The primary gasoline retailers in India are Indian Oil Corp, Bharat Petroleum Corp, and Hindustan Petroleum Corp.

Despite a significant increase in global oil prices since the conflict in Ukraine began last month and a falling Indian rupee, the latest price increase means consumers will pay less than 1% more at the pump, according to a Reuters report, adding that the country imports about 85% of its oil needs from overseas markets.

Local diesel and gasoline costs are inextricably connected to worldwide pricing, which rise in lockstep with crude oil prices.

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