Snow skiing is a sport that requires immense dedication, skill, and training. Ms. Ranjita Behera, the Snow Girl from Odisha, has showcased exceptional talent in snow skiing, bringing pride to her state and the nation. As she sets her sights on international competitions, it is crucial for the government and public sector undertakings (PSUs) to provide the necessary financial support to help her reach her full potential.

By investing in Ms. Ranjita’s training and participation in international races, we not only support her dreams but also pave the way for the growth and development of snow skiing in India. As a Target Athlete for the 2026 Cortina Winter Olympics, Ms. Ranjita requires rigorous training and exposure to international competitions to accumulate the necessary points for participation in Asian and World Championships.

The cost of advanced ski training at renowned schools in Austria and Italy amounts to approximately 5000 Euros per session, excluding travel expenses. This financial burden is beyond the means of an individual athlete, making government and PSU support crucial for Ms. Ranjita’s success. By extending financial assistance, we can provide her with the opportunity to develop the skills required to compete against athletes of international standards.

Supporting Ms. Ranjita Behera not only contributes to her personal growth but also establishes India’s presence in the international snow skiing arena. As she competes with athletes from countries known for their skiing prowess, she showcases the talent and potential of Indian athletes. This exposure not only boosts the reputation of Indian snow skiing but also encourages aspiring athletes to pursue the sport and dream of representing their country on a global stage. Additionally, Ms. Ranjita spends more than seven months in the Himalayas for her training and other activities. Apart from skiing, her efforts to raise awareness about keeping the Himalayas “clean and green” are commendable.

Furthermore, investing in Ms. Ranjita’s journey aligns with the government’s initiatives to promote sports and nurture talent in India. By supporting promising athletes like her, we encourage a culture of excellence, determination, and discipline. Her success story will inspire countless others to pursue their passion for sports and strive for greatness.

In conclusion, supporting Ms. Ranjita Behera in her quest for excellence in snow skiing is an investment in the future of Indian sports. By providing the necessary financial assistance for her training and participation in international races, the government and PSUs can play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Indian snow skiing. Let us come together and support this extraordinary athlete as she represents India on the global stage, inspiring generations to come.

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