Create History : Yogi Adityanath Takes Oath s Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister For  2nd Time .

Yogi Adityanath, the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, was sworn in today ( 25-03-22). After completing a full five-year term in office, the BJP leaders are set to write history by taking the oath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for a new term in office, a feat that none of his predecessors have been able to accomplish.

The oath-taking ceremony is likely to be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, chief ministers of BJP-ruled states, and top BJP leaders.

Around 85 thousand people are expected to attend the huge celebration in Lucknow, according to sources. A large stage has been built up, and posters with slogans such as “New UP of New India (Naye Bharat ka Naya UP)” have been erected.

In Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath was elected as the leader of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) legislature party.

Yogi Adiyanath, a monk-turned-politician, was a surprise choice after the BJP won the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections in 2017. He is a five-time member of the Lok Sabha who was chosen by the BJP leadership for a significant role in the electorally essential state and has worked hard to live up to the high expectations placed on him.

Improvement of the state’s law and order situation has emerged as a significant poll subject for the BJP during electioneering for the assembly elections in the last five years.

He began his political career in 1998, when he was elected as Gorakhpur’s youngest Member of Parliament.

The results of the assembly elections, which were announced earlier this month, have bolstered his image as a mass leader who has his ear to the ground and understands the state’s intricate caste equations.

Yogi Adityanath earned headlines for his actions against crime syndicates, and his efforts to improve law and order offered the general public a sense of security. While dealing with the issues provided by Covid-19, the state’s BJP-led government sought to ensure that welfare programmes were delivered efficiently.

The government of Yogi Adityanath tried to combat Japanese Encephalitis and improve the state’s road network and power supply. It outlawed illicit slaughterhouses and introduced legislation prohibiting forced religious conversion.

The ‘double engine’ government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath has taken various efforts to speed up the development of Uttar Pradesh, including the construction of a defence corridor and a new international airport.

During the Uttar Pradesh election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Yogi Adiyanath’s work, and his catchphrase “UP plus Yogi bahut hai upyogi” (UP with Yogi is very useful) became highly famous.

Yogi Adityanath decided to run for the Gorakhpur Sadar seat in the assembly elections and won by a large majority.

With its second consecutive victory in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP has set yet another record. It is the first time in 37 years that a political party has won consecutive elections. In Uttar Pradesh, the BJP gained 255 seats, with its allies doing well as well.

In his second term, the chief minister is expected to build on the momentum of the party’s electoral victory by fulfilling election pledges and accelerating the state’s development.

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