Commuters Will Be Relieved From Traffic And Crowds As A Waterway Link To Five Cities In Thane And Palghar Is Set To Open Soon.

People going from Vasai to Kalyan and Bhiwandi in crowded trains or on the road in congested traffic will soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief. After lengthy delays, the much-anticipated multi-corridor Inland Water Transport (IWT) system has not only cleared all regulatory hurdles, but has also won approval from both the federal and state governments.

In the first phase of the multi corridor-IWT system, ten jetties are under construction: Vasai, Mira-Bhayandar, Ghodbunder, Naglabunder, Kolshet, Kalher, Paarsik, Anjur Dive, Dombivli, and Kalyan. Work on four of the ten jetties, including Mira-Bhayandar, Kalshet, Kalher, and Dombivali, will start right away.

The four jetties would cost roughly Rs. 100 crore to construct, with the central and state governments sharing the cost evenly. The project has already been budgeted for by the state government. The old railway bridge that connects Bhayandar and Naigaon was also inspected by Vichare and Jain, who were joined by top authorities from the Maritime Board.

The 60-year-old bridge, which also transports water-pipelines to Panju Island, is said to be in a decrepit state, and it could not only cause delays in the waterway route, but it could also cost Rs. 12 crore to relocate the pipelines. Officials claimed they were working to remedy the problem by enlisting the help of the railway ministry.

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