Bajrang Dal Members Attack A Halal Meat Vendor In Karnataka.

On Thursday, police said, several Bajrang Dal supporters allegedly attacked a Muslim vendor in Bhadravathi, a day after Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai announced his government will look into “serious objections” voiced against “halal” meat.

According to Shivamogga Superintendent of Police (SP) BM Laxmi Prasad, a FIR has been filed under the appropriate sections.

“Activists from the Bajrang Dal argued and then attacked a Muslim vendor. At the Hosamane police station in Bhadravati, a FIR has been filed “According to Shivamogga SP,

Some Bajrang Dal activists were seen campaigning against ‘halal’ meat in the Hosamane area around 12.30 p.m. on Wednesday, according to police. Thousif, a Muslim meat trader, was allegedly intimidated.

The campaigners allegedly asked him to sell ‘non-halal’ meat at his chicken shop, according to the police complaint. He informed them that such meat was not available and that he would make arrangements. The protestors were allegedly enraged by it and assaulted him. Following a complaint, officers launched an investigation and interrogated five right-wing activists, according to the police.

In a separate instance in the communally charged Shivamogga area, police charged the same Bajrang Dal militants with threatening and harassing a hotelier in Old Bhadravati for refusing to serve them ‘non-halal’ meat. On charges of abusing the hotelier, a complaint has been filed.

Mr. Bommai stated on Wednesday that the state administration will investigate the ‘halal’ meat problem because “strong objections” have been voiced.

“The halal debate has only recently begun. We’ll have to look at it. This is a regular occurrence. It has now been met with strong opposition. I’ll have a look into it “At a press conference, Mr. Bommai stated.

“As far as my government is concerned, we are not right-wing or left-wing, only growth wing,” Mr Bommai remarked when asked about some right-wing organisations’ call for a boycott of halal meat.

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