Akhilesh Yadav’s Party Appeals To The Cadre Not To Pay Attention To TV Trends.

Even though the BJP has a large majority in Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party is not ready to concede yet. The party has urged its supporters not to be swayed by current events and to remain steadfast as it prepares to become the government.

“It is a call to all Samajwadis and allies’ workers to ignore the trends on television and remain steadfast at their respective booths. In the end, democracy will triumph, and the SP alliance will emerge victorious “The Samajwadi Party sent out a tweet.

“In the patterns of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, a difference of 100 seats is close to 500 votes. The workers, office bearers, and leaders of the Samajwadi Party coalition have been urged to remain vigilant “In a follow-up tweet, the party emphasized the point.

“A difference of 100 seats is close to 500 votes in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, according to the patterns. The Samajwadi Party coalition’s workers, office bearers, and leaders have been warned to remain watchful.” The party emphasized the argument in a follow-up tweet.

Consider the counting centers a democratic pilgrimage. Mr. Yadav advised, “Go there and remain firm.” He had made charges of “EVM chori” just days before the results and published a video to back up his claim.

With almost half of the seats, the Samajwadi Party made gains over the last election, although far short of the party’s hopes.

If the BJP wins, it will set another record in the state, becoming the first party to win a second term in a row in more than three decades.

Exit polls anticipated a BJP victory as well.

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