A Bengaluru Couple Was Detained For Trafficking Drugs To Live a Lavish Lifestyle.

Bengaluru police have detained a couple and a companion who were involved in drug peddling in order to live a lavish lifestyle. Vishnupriya (22) of Kothannur, her partner Sigil Varghese (32) of Coimbatore, and their assistance Vikram were the three individuals detained (23).

Sigil Varghese and Vishnupriya moved to Bengaluru from Kerala to pursue their academics. Vishnupriya and her lover, Sigil, were both Kothannur residents. They rented a place and started working as tattoo artists after that. However, they were addicted and desired to live a life of luxury. That’s when they began to sell narcotics to retain their celebrity.

According to investigators, they have been involved in narcotics dealings since 2020. Various famous college students in Bengaluru were supplied drugs from Kerala and Coimbatore. The drugs were allegedly delivered to Bengaluru via Visakhapatnam, according to police reports. gramsassisted in their delivery to their customers. Vikram was allegedly nabbed with 80 grams of hashish oil in BTM Layout on Saturday.

Police entered Vishnupriya and Sigil’s home after hearing his confession, collecting 12 kg of hashish oil worth Rs. 7 crores. Police carried out the raid after receiving formal information from various sources. The offender was found to have 8 crores worth of various types of narcotics. The cops are now looking at their financial transactions.

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