Weekend Curfew Begins Tonight in Delhi!!

As part of the latest restrictions imposed by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) to contain the rapid resurgence of the coronavirus disease, driven by the highly transmissible Omicron variant, a weekend curfew will be implemented in the national capital from Friday night and will remain in place throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Unless otherwise directed, the curfew will be enforced every weekend going forward, according to the DDMA. Most private and government establishments in Delhi would experience new limitations as a result of the new curfew regulations, including a limit on employee attendance in offices and the movement of individuals via public transportation.

Here’s what you need to know about Delhi’s weekend curfew, which goes into effect tonight:

From Friday night to Monday morning, the curfew will be in effect.

Employees in city government offices will be required to work from home, except for critical services.

The remaining employees will have to work from home because private workplaces will only be able to accommodate 50% of the workforce.

Essential services, such as food and medical delivery, will continue to operate normally.

The Delhi Metro and city buses would be allowed to operate at full capacity, but trains will not be allowed to have standing passengers.

 Covid-19 guidelines must be followed by all passengers using transportation services.

The Yellow and Blue Lines will have a 15-minute frequency, while all other lines will have a 20-minute frequency.

According to sources, the Delhi Metro will only accept a maximum of 50 passengers per coach. When necessary, access to trains and stations may be restricted.

During the weekend curfew, the Mukhya Mantri Tirtha Yatra Yojana, a pilgrimage program for older citizens inaugurated by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, will also be suspended.

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