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Shunya Se Shikar Tak – Vrinda Tulsiyan

On this issue of our Shunya Se Shikhar Tak episode, we introduce you to an ordinary housewife who stood up for herself after years of conforming to a typical Indian married life. She changed the story of her life and found new purpose – a mission to aid others through the career she chose for herself.

Vrinda Tulsiyan, a renowned Pranic Healer of Kolkata, started her career at the age of thirty-five and advanced herself in the practice of Pranic Healing by the age of 40. Vrinda is not only known as an Advanced Pranic Healer in Kolkata but also overseas.

Ms. Vrinda, a BSC Honours in Home Science, was born into a simple family, for whom moral values and education stood above all else. As per Vrinda, being raised by a set of parents with beautiful and upstanding ideologies defined her value system and character. Although she entered a Spiritual school much later in her life she was always philosophical and a firm believer of Karma.

Shy, timid and fearful as a person, Vrinda never really had the courage to stand up for herself. And when she was married into an extremely conservative family at the young age of 21, she was constantly held back in many ways including advancing in her area of interest and career, thus never really being able to fly into the potential she had as a person.

What gave her courage was, when she saw her two little kids reflect the same fears she had growing up, and that is when she learnt to be resolute for herself. What pushed her towards finding her footing was the desire to set the right example for her kids so that they could grow into strong, confident and bold adults

She was introduced to Pranic Healing by a friend and as reluctant as she was to join, she very soon realized that this is where she was meant to be. Pranic Healing School not only completely changed her as a person but also changed her life. It gave her a platform to learn and then to educate people about the virtues which all human beings should base their lives on. Today she has turned into a bold, assertive and courageous person.

She quickly did all the courses related to Pranic Healing and became a Professional Healer. As she started getting more involved in Pranic Healing, she realized what a jewel it was – it transformed many lives around her as they started getting healed, which inspired her to do the Teacher’s Training Course and become an Instructor to educate more people. She was finally manifesting her childhood dream of becoming a teacher, financially independent and helping others at the same time.

Vrinda reiterates, “I can’t begin to describe the
enormous satisfaction this career gives me as a
daughter, a mother, a friend and above all as a

She further adds that she always had the faith that her dreams would definitely get manifested one fine day, but did not expect them to come to her as promptly as it did at the age of 35 when her kids were all of eight and five. She flew into it, and what is most fulfilling to her is that she has managed to give so many people hope with her chosen field.

Did she face any problems at the initial stage of her?
work? Absolutely! She faced tremendous resistance not only from family but also close friends as she was now less available to give them the equal amount of time, they were used to getting from her. Of course, people had complaints but did that stop her? No, she was laser focused on her dreams this time instead of being led by other people’s expectations of her.

Recognition came to her when she was able to cure many people in Switzerland and India who were suffering from severe health problems and diseases.

Once she started flourishing, it changed her status in society, especially with friends and family, as they started respecting her more.

What makes her successful? According to her, her set of virtues which she lives by, that is being loving and kind, generous and honest, while also being consistent and moderate. These virtues have made
her more mindful than she already was, and is her secret to success.

As modest as Vrinda has been about not mentioning her charitable work, Vrinda has been consistently contributing towards education and food for the under privileged children and providing medical aid to the needy for more than 20 years. She also contributes regularly towards Cancer patients in the name of her late father, who passed away due to an Advanced stage of Thymoma. In fact, a portion of her earnings go towards charitable pursuits every month.

We asked Vrinda if she would like to pass on a message for the younger generation in terms of life, work, business and here is what she has to say, “If you are determined to realize your dreams, and you have the conviction to do them, the whole universe comes to your aid – you will find the correct mentors, supporters and friends along the way as I too did. I would also like to mention, that family plays a very important role and I am so glad to say even my partner and little babies have been so co-operative and supportive while I was finding myself.”

For Vrinda, sky is the limit, and according to her she has a lot more to do but at the same time she understands that most humans have too many expectations from themselves. She definitely wants to be a better healer, a finer instructor and a much-improved human being.

In Pranic Healing, she says they believe in helping people lead a much better and wholesome life in all aspects of life be it – physical, mental, emotional, relationship, prosperous and spiritual. They also adopt the concept of “Service and tithing” as one of pillars of their practice, which means nurturing other people and helping them upgrade their lives, giving them time as well as a portion of their earnings.

Lastly, she concludes, what gives her great happiness, is that she has not only been able to improve her family and her life, but has also been able to encourage many other women like her, helping them stand up for themselves. In the end, she can proudly say that she is both financially independent while also aiding others become financially secure after choosing the Pranic Healing path.

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