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From Service to Society; the inspiring story of the bureaucrat Mr Santosh Tagore, emerging from the challenges of Alirajpur District, which has the lowest literacy rate in India, raised in an environment where education hurdles prevailed, his parents, both being teachers were his first inspiration played a pivotal role in instilling the values of learning and striving for a better future. Before venturing into the realm of civil services, Mr Tagore served as an associate teacher at IMS, an experience that deeply connected him emotionally to guiding and addressing the student’s concerns.

Mr Santosh Tagore is currently serving as the CEO Zila Panchayat of Shajapur District and stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of a dynamic and compassionate bureaucrat. His journey as a Public Service officer spanning almost two decades across various districts of Madhya Pradesh since 2006, reflects his remarkable commitment to Public Service and his profound desire to uplift the underprivileged.

Mr Tagore has a very humble beginning from the remote area of Madhya Pradesh. He certainly had the privilege of having educated parents but his passion for doing yeoman service for the society and country sets him apart from others.

After cracking the MPPSC examination, he joined Sagar District as Deputy Collector in 2006. He took charge of the SDM of Nagda (2011 to 2013) after serving briefly at Damoh. He excelled his skills in managing Nagar Nigam, Ujjain in 2013-14 as Deputy Commissioner. His managerial skills were noticed and applauded in his being Deputy DEO and SDM, Indore during 2014-17. His recognition as an administrator with a human face has earned him deputation in Simhastha, 2016 in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. His emotion, passion and working style in mission mode saw his working in Indore, Nagar Nigam and were appreciated by one and all. His soft nature but optimum use of human capital saw his acumen at the Investor Summit in 2014, 2015 & 2016 and also in managing and addressing the private and Government Hospital of Indore during the peak period of COVID-19. As CEO, of Zila Panchayat, Shajapur, he is presently supervising the training and management of election personnel where his basic human concerns are visible in the allotment of duties and their proper care and stock-taking.

What sets Mr Santosh Tagore apart is not just his administrative acumen but also his unwavering dedication to nurturing the dreams of countless aspiring candidates. In a remarkable endeavour to foster educational equality, he has engaged himself in supporting the foundation “PRAYAS FOUNDATION”, which is managed by his dear friend Someshwar Kher. This foundation is a testament to his vision of empowering underprivileged youth by providing them with free coaching and comprehensive support. It is through these initiatives that Santosh Tagore is not only shaping the future of the region he administers but also enriching the lives of those who dream of a brighter future.

The foundation is working to provide support and resources to economically disadvantaged students preparing for the competitive examinations. The students are provided accommodation, teaching facilities, study materials, food, clothing, medical assistance and all other necessary facilities demonstrating the commitment of the organization to ensure a conducive learning environment for the students. It’s noteworthy that the work of the Prayas Foundation has gained recognition and praise from prominent media and appreciation from the then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, validating the significant achievement of the students and work of the foundation saying “Indore on its way to have its own SUPER 30”.

The foundation is continuously working to reach and help more and more students through virtual means as well by launching their online free test series and assistance in the State via online platforms to maximize their impact on the transformative power of education and positive change.

He believed in the transformative power of guidance, akin to the role of salt in food was further solidified by his teaching experience. Even after assuming civil service duties in 2006, his commitment to giving back to society through teaching remained consistent. For almost two decades, Tagore has been actively involved in helping and teaching students, becoming a beloved bureaucrat known for his dedication to student welfare. Dedicating specific hours daily in the morning and evening before and after office hours and engagements, Tagore ensures his availability to students at all times. On off days, he delves into personal counselling sessions, delivers lectures and invests quality time with students.

This tireless commitment has resulted in around 250 students benefiting from his guidance, many of whom are now posted in different locations and actively contributing to society and this stands as the most prolific example of our segment “JOY OF GIVING”, showcasing how Mr Tagore, through his dedication is giving back to the society and transforming lives.

In confluence of administrative duties and unwavering passion for education, Mr Tagore stands as an inspiring figure, exemplifying the transformative power of guidance and education in turning dreams into reality, and giving wings to aspirations. His journey becomes a shining testament to the joy that stems from the act of selflessly contributing to the betterment of society.

By Adv, Surabhi Sankhla

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