Katraj Zoo Getting Ready for Zebras and Giraffes!!

The Rajiv Gandhi zoo in Katraj, managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), is prepared to welcome a zebra and a giraffe and has proposed creating a zebra tunnel.

“We got a nod from the central zoo administration to house a zebra and a giraffe in Katraj zoo,” said Ashok Ghorpade, head of the PMC’s garden department. We’re making sure the infrastructure is in place to receive the animals. We’ve even set aside Rs 1.5 crore in the budget to bring them in from other nations to the Katraj zoo. “

The PMC’s intention to bring a zebra into the Katraj zoo has already been approved by the central zoo administration. Because the zebra is expected to arrive soon, the landscape department has submitted a request to the standing committee to build a zebra duct for Rs 1.35 crore. With five bids, the tendering procedure has come to a close.

“We had applied to retain a zebra in the zoo and create a conduit for it,” Rajkumar Jadhav, director of the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo, said. The idea received in-principle approval, and we are preparing the necessary infrastructure. “

In addition to the zebra duct, the zoo has requested a separate duct for each of its four chausinghas (four-horned antelopes). “We’re building a conduit for the chasing has so that folks can see them,” Jadhav explained.

“Before the animals (zebra and giraffe) come to the zoo, we need to keep the infrastructure ready.” “It will be ready in a few days,” Ghorpade added.

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