Scientific Reasons Behind Indian Rituals!!

What’s with the ancient age old rituals being carried by our older generation till today? Does it really have meaning in following it in modern world today? Are the rituals superstitious or is there any kind of rationale behind following them?

Innumerable traditions and customs of India are almost scientific ones which are imbibed within us since our childhood. Some of the practices we follow are accustomed to us in our day to day chores that we don’t even seem to notice one!

Let’s go through few of the age old traditions which are followed even today and let’s know the smart logic behind it-

Namaskaram- Why do we greet with folded hands? 

It’s a holy gesture by the Indians believing that God resides within every individual and so the person is greeted with folded hands. The “Anjali Mudra” in yoga which is the folded hands position connects the tips of the fingers which are the major energy points in human body. When we bring together our palms, the nerve circuits links the brain and brings us into a sense of calmness. Every finger determines certain energy from Tamas, Rajas, Satwa, Jeevathma, Paramathma respectively from little finger to the thumb. 

Hiccups when someone’s missing you?

Its  a smart way to distract the mind to think of the person who might possibly be thinking of you.  And Yes, the hiccups stops. Hiccups happen due to contraction of the diaphragm . Other possible means to stop hiccups especially in South India for kids is to scare him or her with insects and objects like cockroaches and lizards which will help distracting the children.

Throwing coins to wells and rivers ,does it fulfill your wish or sign of goodluck ??

Well.. No! But it will possibly increase your life span and you can definitely work for your wishes to fulfill it. Ancient coins were made up of copper unlike stainless steel coin which purifies the water and rendering it fit to drink . Copper coins helps in killing bad bacteria. That’s a reason why it is preferred to drink water in copper bottles because it neutralizes all the bad bacteria.

Eating curd and sugar before you leave from home to exam or important task

Curd and sugar combination is sweet and it supplies glucose to the body which increases the energy levels . Its believed in Ayurveda that sweetness enhances the intelligence and thus keeping the body cool and calm throughout the day. So now that you know ,don’t forget to have dahi with sugar next time you going out for an important meeting.

Shaguns always ends on giving Rs.1 extra 

Its said that any amount that ends with Zero implies complete and the end of the transaction. The additional Rs. 1 symbolizes continuity and future exchanges to have an everlasting relationships. Coin is a metal which is considered to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi and keeps negative energy away and yields prosperity.

Significance of Temple Bells

Temple bells are made of zinc, copper, bronze, cadmium and scientific mixture of many alloys . The sound of the bell creates immediate resonation which ultimately creates harmony between the left and the right lobes of the brain. Hence listening to temple bells improves concentration level and removes negative thoughts. It also balances our mind and makes you free from worrying.

Does fasting help ?

This spiritual act purifies the body and the mind. Fasting is a natural break for your body from the digestion .”Upavas “where “Upa”-near, “ Vas”-Stay which simply means staying near to God.  Indian people choose various days to fast as reverence towards their favourite deity for spiritual growth. Modern science has as lot to say on this , i.e from controlling obesity to improving hormonal balance to the growth of new brain cells ,this holistic detoxifying is worth every effort you put.

Applying Vermillion or Sindhoor on forehead?

Physiological significance behind the rituals should be known by everyone . Sindhoor is prepared by turmeric ,mercury and lemon which controls blood pressure and activates sexual drive. This is one of the reasons why widows don’t use all these. Sindhoor is put all the way from forehead to pituitary glands which is the seat of thought and emotions.

Mehandi during Wedding occassion

Apart from looking beautiful the main purpose of applying henna or mehandi on hands and foot is to keep the body cool and to neutralize tensions and stress.

Wearing Bangles and Toe rings by wedded women

Wearing bangles creates constant friction which increases the blood flow and helps in conception and even the wearing of toe rings helps the same way. A particular nerve from second toe connects the uterus which in turn helps strengthen the uterus through regular blood flow regularizing the menstrual cycles.

Lemon and Chillies 

Wards of evil spirit?? Its placed on trucks or in local restaurants that shoo off the insects & bacteria that hover around . The active heat producing capsaicin repels mosquitoes & flies because it’s an irritant to those flies.

In the olden days lemon was meant to keep the body hydrated and the chilly could check whether the snake bite was venomous or not . If the travellor bites chilli and couldn’t taste then it means the snake was venomous and need treatment.

Giving Arghya -Welcoming the sun through water?

When sun rays pass through the water , it creates a spectrum of seven colours . It’s in this form the sun’s energy is absorbed maximum . It also helps to mitigate three doshas, improves eye sight and also good for heart, mind power and cultivates discipline.

Ganpathi Bappa Visarjan

Visarjan ritual, i.e immersing the holy Ganpathi Idol in the water bodies after the Ganesh Chaturthi festival . This symbolizes Birth & Death and nothing is permanent and change is the only constant. Anything that exists shall perish and anything that is born will surely die one day. Water is infinite and immersing idol in the water symbolizes soul seeking salvation. In older days Ganesha Idols were made of herbs , turmeric and clays and were conscious of the nature . Now its not the case. People are using chemicals and such other substances that harms the environment. We should cultivate the habit to opt eco-friendly idols.

Why don’t we touch books with our feet?

Feet is considered as the dirtiest part as it is in contact with the ground more often . The outdoors may not be clean always . So touching the book with dirt is bad gesture .Our culture have always marked knowledge as divine and sacred and is respected and that’s another important reasons we make a sorry gesture whenever out feet touches the books . Even in case of feet touching another human we make a sorry gesture because as quoted above, Indians believe that God resides in every life form.

Touching the feet of elderly

It  not only makes us learn about humbleness and humility but there is a scientific phenomenon behind it. Touching the toes emits positive energy from the giver and good thoughts gets transmitted from the toes and your fingers and palms connect to such positive energy.


All these reasons behind the age old traditions show how intelligent our forefathers were in designing various cultures and customs for our wellbeing and the nature. There are many of these customs followed by most of us without knowing reasons behind it. 

Next time when you are doing a regular practice of any of the customs taught by your folks, just pause and give it a thought to analyze what the actual reason could be ..!

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