Sanjay Dutt shares he ‘cried for two-three hours’ when he learnt about cancer diagnosis: ‘I was thinking about my kids, my wife’

Sanjay Dutt shared in a recent interview that he broke down after he learnt about his cancer diagnosis but soon after, he decided to fight it.

Sanjay Dutt has seen various ups and downs in his life and the actor has never shied away from talking about those different chapters of his life. The KGF 2 actor recently opened up about his cancer diagnosis and shared that he cried for a few hours after he got to know about it.

He said, “It was a normal day in the lockdown. When I walked up the stairs, I was totally out of breath. I had a bath, I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t know what was happening, so I called up my doctor. In the x-ray, more than half of my lungs were covered in water. They had to tap the water out. They all were hoping it was TB (tuberculosis) but it turned out to be cancer. How to break it to me, it was a big issue. I could have broken somebody’s face. So, my sister came, I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve got cancer, now what?’. Then you start planning this, we’ll do this and that… But I did cry for two-three hours because I was thinking about my kids and my life and my wife and everything, these flashes come and I said, I am going to stop getting weak. First, we decided (to seek treatment in the US), but didn’t get the visa, so I said, I’ll do it here.”

Sanjay then shared how the family chalked out his treatment plan and how film star Hrithik Roshan’s filmmaker father Rakesh Roshan recommended a doctor to Sanjay. He said, “They told me that I’d lose hair and other things would happen, I’d vomit, so I told the doctor ‘mereko kuch nahi hoga’, I’ll not lose hair, I’ll not vomit, I won’t lie on the bed, and she kind of smiled. I did my chemotherapy, and I came back and I sat on that bike for one hour and I cycled, I did that day after day, everyday. After every chemo (session) I did that. It was crazy, I used to go for chemo, Dubai, and then I used to go to the badminton court and play for two-three hours

Sanjay then shared how one needs to challenge cancer to fight it, and how he has taken up the route of fitness to find his ‘old self’ back. “That is how you’re going to challenge this thing. Today, It’s been two months I have been going to the gym, I lost nice weight, I’m getting my muscles back, I am getting to be my old self. You know that Sanjay Dutt, I want to be that Sanjay Dutt back. I let myself go, now I won’t,” he concluded.

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