Reading, a culture which is diminishing

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In order to nurture reading culture in today’s time, the Maharashtra government recently announced a scheme to start a ‘Village of books’ in each district. But do you know that the public libraries are struggling to survive amid fund cuts and changing reading habits among people. In the last decade, around 700 libraries have been closed in the Maharashtra state. PALLAVI SMART from the Indian Express takes a close look at the crisis and steps that need to be taken to address the issue.

Different organizations are also working towards the same cause and Inbook foundation is one among them, working from year 2010, to nurture the habit of reading. According to the Inbook team, number of readers has decreased over years due to the availability of smartphones and the excess internet, but Inbook foundation has sticked to its mission, and has opened more than 50 libraries, in the rural parts of India.

Inbook Café also popularly known as ‘Mera Apna Pustakalaya’ is an initiative undertaken by Inbook a social networking site created with an intention to build a strong sense of community between the urban and rural sections of India. “The concept of Inbook Café is simple yet unusual.”

Through Inbook Café, the Founders of Inbook aim to bring in a radical change in villages in India. The Founders have travelled extensively in villages in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra to interact with the locals and dedicate a small space to open up a library where books are available for children and adults for free. The idea is to make the rural sections of our country aware of the significance of education in today’s world. The team at Inbook Café wishes to empower the children of today with knowledge so that they are better prepared to face any adverse situations that life spins on them at any given point of time!

Currently, there are around 62 Inbook Cafés or Pustakalaya (s) all over India with over 10000 books and we are just getting started. The aim is to set up one Inbook café in every village in India and we are confident it can be achieved!

Spreading Awareness

The thought process behind Inbook Cafe is to be established as an alternate public place for leisure, culture, and learning. Housing a bookstore, news papers, cultural magazine; it’s a hub for coming together, self-study, group discussions,  art and cultural shows, literary and intellectual discourse; and hosts clubs/classes for creative writing, poetry, bao, chess, scrabble, yoga, dance, literary activities for youngsters, youths, and adults; fortnightly poetry and comedy shows.

The team travels to villages all around India, meet and interact with the locals and create an awareness on the importance of education for the kids in the village and facilitate the establishment of a space in the village that is accessible to all for developing a love for books and knowledge. Inbook café is created by the locals for the locals. Our team merely facilitates the process.

Inbook Foundation is speedily establishing Inbook Cafes all over India. With 70% of Indian population living in rural sectors, they provide you a great opportunity to connect with the masses and advertise your products, make the people aware about your products. The funds collected will not only help you in growing your business, but will also effectively discharge your corporate social responsibility, by aiding the growth and education of children in the rural sections of our country.

Happy Reading!!

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