Rahul Dravid spotted at Bengaluru event. He walked in alone, sat in the back row

Rahul Dravid is well known not just for his on-field performance but also for his persona off the field. As soft spoken as he is talented, the former Indian cricketer is famous for keeping a low profile and generally shunning the trappings of fame. All these notions about ‘The Wall’ of Indian cricket were only reinforced at a recent book event where Dravid walked in without any fuss and sat in the back row to silently support another former cricketer – Gundappa Viswanath.

Twitter user @vinaykashy wrote about the incident in a post that is steadily going viral on the microblogging platform. According to him, on Sunday, Rahul Dravid attended a Bengaluru event where GR Viswanath was speaking about his book.

“Rahul Dravid the greatest Number 3 batsman India has ever had, walked into an event to where another India great GR Vishwanath was talking about his book,” Kashy wrote in his tweet dated May 9.

In contrast to several other celebrities, Dravid walked in without an entourage and quietly took a seat in the last row. He kept such a low profile that the girl sitting next to him did not even realise she was sitting next to a former captain of the Indian national team.

“He walked in alone with a mask on, greeted Ram Guha,” the Twitter user wrote. “He happily sat in the last row without any fuss so much so that the girl sitting next to him didn’t even realized who she was sitting with.”

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