Nobody noticed me at all, it was liberating: Virat Kohli on not being recognised in a packed Bangalore bakery

Virat Kohli went to Bangalore’s Thom’s bakery after the early finish to the Sri Lanka Test match and found a spec of normalcy where nobody from the crowd recognised him.

Former Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli said that it was liberating to find a little bit of normalcy in a packed Bangalore bakery when nobody recognised him after India’s Test match against Sri Lanka earlier this year. Speaking to Danish Sait’s Mr. Nags character in a RCB video, Kohli revealed the incident and what led to those events.

“It was the third day when the test match got over,” Kohli started. He said that he wanted to get something for his wife, actor Anushka Sharma, who had grown up in Bangalore and had many memories associated with her childhood from this city.

“Anushka has almost literally grown up in Bangalore and literally almost so many friends and so many memories from here. She loves Thom’s bakery. As soon as we got back to the hotel, I thought, you know what? Anushka loves the puffs there. That’s her most favourite thing to eat in Bangalore,” Kohli continued.

He went on stating that it was a good time for him to get to a public place, since masks were mandatory and he could get away without getting recognised.

“I walked into Thom’s bakery and I told the security to sit in the car. I had a mask on and I had a cap on and it was the best possible way to experience some normalcy and I promise you nobody noticed me at all, it was such a liberating feeling,” Kohli was seen beaming with joy in the video.

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