National Consumer Rights Day!!

In India, December 24 is observed as National Consumer Rights Day to remember the day in 1986 when the President of India signed the Consumer Protection Act. The day’s goal is to educate customers about their rights and obligations.

Who is a consumer?

A consumer is someone who buys goods or services and pays for them.

Consumer Rights in India: The Consumer Protection Act provides consumers with six basic rights: the right to choose a product; the right to be protected from all types of hazardous goods; the right to be informed about the performance and quality of all products; the right to be heard in all decision-making processes affecting consumer interests; the right to seek redress when consumer rights are violated; and the right to complete consumer education.

National Consumers Day events: The day is commemorated each year with a different topic. Consumer awareness events are organized by the Union government in collaboration with state governments. Such events frequently include skits and plays that highlight a customer’s rights. The Department of Consumer Affairs hosted a virtual webinar in 2019 to explain the Consumer Protection Act 2019.

This year’s festivities, like last year’s, will take place in the shadow of the COVID-19 epidemic.
World Consumer Rights Day The distinction between World Consumer Rights Day and National Consumer Rights Day is frequently misunderstood. Even though they serve the same function, they are observed on separate dates. Every year on March 15, World Consumer Rights Day is commemorated.

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