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Movie Review: “SriKant”

In “SriKant,” Rajkummar Rao portrays Srikanth Bolla, a visually impaired individual who defies odds to become a successful entrepreneur. The film narrates his journey from a challenging childhood in rural India to his achievements as the first international visually impaired student at MIT and the founder of Bollant Industries, a recycled packaging company. Despite societal and systemic obstacles, Srikanth’s determination leads him to remarkable triumphs.

The movie opens with a powerful scene: Srikanth, navigating a busy street at night, is nearly hit by a car, highlighting the perils he faces and his resilient spirit. This sets the tone for the film’s emphasis on his blindness, with Rajkummar Rao’s voiceover introducing Srikanth as a cherished son who lacks sight but not vision.

Directed by Tushar Hiranandani, the film aims to inspire but often falls into clichés and heavy-handed dialogue. The tagline, “Aa raha hai sabki aankhein kholne” (He is coming to open everyone’s eyes), hints at the overuse of sight-related puns. The narrative structure is linear and predictable, lacking the depth to fully explore Srikanth’s complex personality.

The screenplay’s reliance on melodrama and triumphant set pieces can feel contrived. Srikanth’s legal battle to study science and his entrepreneurial success are depicted with an almost mythic quality that sometimes undermines the authenticity of his story. Moments that could have been poignant reflections on disability and ambition become mere applause lines.

The film attempts nuance in the second half, showing Srikanth’s growing hubris, but these developments are resolved too quickly, missing an opportunity for deeper character exploration. The modern rendition of “Papa Kehte Hain” in the soundtrack tries to inject exhilaration but often feels out of place. “SriKant” is a well-intentioned but flawed biopic. Rao’s committed performance offers some relief, but the film ultimately falls short of being the profound and uplifting story it aims to be.

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