Karnataka school summer holiday extend, temperature increase day by day

The heat of the summer in Karnataka is increasing day by day. Karnataka has seen record highs this season. In between, covid fourth wave fear starts. Corona fourth wave is sweeping across the country. tension start for parents before the school starts. Karnataka school summer holiday extend, temperature increases day by day.

The Department of Education has instructed to start the current academic year from May 16. Schools have been instructed to take necessary steps to improve children’s learning. From May 16 to June 15, schools have been instructed to conduct program called ‘Sethu Banda’ for a period of one month. Children’s enrolment must begin by May 16 and finish by July 31.

There has been mixed reaction from parents to the Education Department’s suggestion that schools should be opened early. Many parents have said that even if school starts, we don’t send children. After waiting another 15 days or 1 month, the school had to be opened. The school start date must be changed first. Parents are requested education department to don’t start school early.

Thus, summer holidays are likely to continue until June. The heat has started to rise in Karnataka since early April. Temperatures have been rising due to this massive heat air effect in the all part of state including coastal Karnataka. Parents are reluctant to send their children out of the house due to high temperature. Therefore, there is a demand to postpone the summer holidays to early June.

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