A segment dedicated to decorated personalities of Indian origin and/or heritage who eventually moved to the foreign land to achieve their professional aspirations. Doing so, they became ‘foreigners’, for namesake to their motherland. In this segment, we wish to explore their journey from Desh to Videsh and try to peek into their hearts as to where it beats.

Tell us in brief about yourself and your journey?
Looking back on my life’s journey, moving from the vibrant culture of India to the bustling streets of London has been a mix of challenges and successes. Each step away from home tugged at my heart, creating a mosaic of nostalgia in my daily life. I moved to the United Kingdom from India three decades ago after marrying my British Indian husband. Adjusting to a new country was challenging initially, but over time, I have made Britain my second home.

How long have you been actively engaged in this profession, and what has been your experience?
I have been actively engaged in the National Health Service (NHS) for over 20 years now. Despite having no prior experience in healthcare when I started, my journey has been a testament to the significance of a positive attitude and hard work.

Where do you think India stands globally in this particular sector with other leading nations?
India’s healthcare sector, in comparison, requires substantial reforms and improvements in infrastructure
and access.

What do you think India should do to improve the situation and be at par with leading countries?
Investing in primary care, digital health infrastructure, and fostering public-private partnerships can contribute to achieving universal health coverage and enhancing the quality of care, similar to the NHS model. Suggesting the Indian government on healthcare reforms and improvements:

Rural Healthcare Focus:

  • Prioritize healthcare initiatives in rural and
    underserved areas.
  • Introduce incentives for healthcare professionals
    to serve in these communities, addressing the
    healthcare divide.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC):

  • Work towards achieving universal health
    coverage for all citizens.
  • Enact policies ensuring financial protection
    during health emergencies.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs):

  • Actively promote collaborations between public
    and private healthcare entities.
  • Harness the expertise and resources of the
    private sector to elevate overall healthcare

Primary Healthcare Strengthening:

  • Invest in upgrading and expanding primary
    healthcare facilities.
  • Implement training programs for primary care
    providers to enhance skills and efficiency.

    Given a chance, would you like to be a part of such an initiative to address the above for the
    betterment of the Indian diaspora?

    If given an opportunity, I would choose to serve the Indian people, especially focusing on women and children in rural areas. I am keen to actively participate in initiatives aimed at addressing healthcare challenges for the betterment of the Indian diaspora. Joining organizations such as Inbook Foundation, which operate on the ground level and are dedicated to making a tangible impact, aligns perfectly with my passion for healthcare improvement in India. I believe that through such endeavors, we can collectively work towards creating a healthier and more resilient future for the communities that need it the most.

    As a professional, how do you think you can add value to India in general or in particular?
    I am open to participating in initiatives that enable India to learn from the NHS model. My extensive experience can provide insights into streamlining administrative processes, digitization, patient care protocols, and more.

    Do you want our readers to connect with you for professional help? If yes, how and where?
    Certainly, I would love to connect with readers who share a passion for healthcare improvement. They can reach out to me through cafe social magazine’s platform on [email protected]

    What are your thoughts about some of the Indian government initiatives? Do you think it has made things easier for the Indian diaspora to fuel and remain connected with the motherland?
    I appreciate certain initiatives by the Indian government, notably digital endeavours like Ayushman Bharat, which have undeniably enhanced healthcare accessibility. However, acknowledging these positive strides, it’s crucial to recognize that there is still room for improvement.

    The complexity of healthcare challenges requires a multi-faceted approach. To truly fortify the Indian healthcare system, I believe fostering international collaborations is paramount. Seeking partnerships with globally acclaimed institutions such as the NHS and WHO can infuse invaluable expertise and resources.

    These alliances would not only elevate healthcare standards but also contribute to a more resilient and adaptable system capable of addressing evolving health needs. In essence, while applauding the progress made, a forward-looking strategy involves continued domestic reforms coupled with strategic global collaborations, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable healthcare framework for the Indian diaspora and the nation at large.

Your favorite Indian destination?
My favorite Indian destination is Amritsar historical city of India which I visited in my last tour I saw Golden temple Jallianwala Bagh and wagha border where I have seen patriotic energy of people came from various state of country and delicious food of Haveli restaurant is unforgettable for me and I saw Devi talab mandir of Jalandhar this state is symbol of secularism where people have healthy relation with each other. When I visited, (cut in cut) Punjab I went to HAVELI RESTAURANTS one of the best foods and restaurants in Punjab.

Your favorite Indian cuisine?
When it comes to food, I love pav bhaji and all traditional Indian dishes.

Your favorite restaurant in the US, UK, or wherever you are right now?
In the UK, nothing beats a delightful meal at Madhu’s,London, serving authentic Indian vegetarian food reminiscent of home. @Mehshaila

By …Dr. Sunita chauhan.
Ph.D. Be.d .


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