Helmets made compulsory for pillion riders in Mumbai

The Mumbai traffic police on Wednesday, 25th May, 2022 gave a notice making helmet obligatory for pillion riders too and cautioned of activity against the people who disregard the standard.

The standard will come into effect after 15 days, following which the traffic police will begin making a move against violators, an authority said.

According to the warning, the traffic police have found that most bike riders in the city don’t wear helmets and abuse traffic police.

As of now, the traffic police force a fine of Rs 500 on riders without the helmet or suspend their licenses.

Following 15 days, a similar punishment will be forced on pillion riders found without helmet, the authority said.

Mumbai Traffic Police tweeted-

“Persons riding a 2-wheeler i.e both the rider and pillion are hereby urged to wear a helmet.

As per MVA, action will be taken in case of violation of this rule for pillion rider as well. We will start implementing after 15 days from now.”


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