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The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has elected Dr. Mohan Yadav as the new Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, following the party’s resounding victory in the concluded assembly elections, securing 166 seats. Dr Yadav, a three-term MLA from the Ujjain Dakshin constituency, is known for their low-key persona and strong grassroots connection winning by a margin of 12,941 votes.

Family And Education
Born on March 25, 1965, in Ujjain, Dr. Mohan Yadav is the son of Poonam Chand Yadav. His educational journey is marked by several degrees, including BSc, LLB, MA, MBA, and PhD. Married to Seema Yadav, the couple has two sons and a daughter.

Political Career
Dr. Yadav was interest in politics led him to become a member of the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad. In 2013, he entered electoral politics and became MLA from the Ujjain South constituency. Re-elected in the 2018, Legislative Assembly elections he became a cabinet member in the Madhya Pradesh Government in 2020 under former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan serving as the Minister of Education till 2023.

In the recent 2023 Madhya Pradesh Assembly election, Mohan Yadav cemented his hold on the Ujjain South constituency, securing a resounding victory for a third consecutive term. On Dec 11, 2023, the BJP announced that Mohan Yadav would serve as the 19th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh after the BJP Legislative member’s meeting was seen as a strategic move by the BJP.

 Awards & Recognition
Dr. Yadav received awards from the President of India in 2011–2012 and 2012–2013 for promoting tourism in the State. His political journey began with the ABVP. In 1982, he became the co-secretary of the student union of Madhav Science College and became the president in 1984. Also, he was an active participant in the State’s wrestling association.

A Statesman For The Ages
Mohan Yadav’s journey from the areas of a little town to the passages of control embodies the soul of a genuine statesman. As Madhya Pradesh flourishes beneath his administration, Yadav remains a beacon of trust, demonstrating that a leader’s genuine quality lies in engaging the dreams of those they minister. The gesture of his compassion and administrative acumen was when CM Mohan Yadav, in virtual attendance of Prime Minster Narendra Modi, released the long-time pending dues of Hukumchand Mill laborer’s on the birth anniversary of the former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This act not only benefited the 4800 families of the mill workers but also underscored the CM’s commitment to upholding the rights and welfare of the labour force and this was a significant milestone in the State’s Labour history.

Q: Can you share some significant milestone or experiences from your political journey so far that have shaped your values and approach to the governance?
Winning the 2023 Madhya Pradesh State Assembly Election marked as a significant milestone in my career. The overwhelming support I have received reinforced my commitment to effective governance. As the Chief Minister, my focus is on implementing robust development policies and plans, enhancing Education, Infrastructure and elevation health care standards in the state, implementing e-governance and rural development.

Q: can you share your key policy priorities and the specific initiatives you haveplanned to implement to address in future?
Madhya Pradesh, being the cultural and geographical heart of India, is inherently blessed with richness and diversity. I envision a State that thrives on inclusive development and leveraging its unique strength. My focus is on bolstering Infrastructure, Education, agriculture, healthcare, rural development, and e-governance. The comprehensive approach aims to uplift Madhya Pradesh to global platform.

Q: Your vision for the development of the State is comprehensive and ambitious, covering various sectors. Can you share more details and plans on how to implement your vision and are there any policies made regarding this?
Yes, my vision for the development of the State is multifaceted aiming to provide a robust Education system, efficient e-governance, comprehensive social welfare and development including a focus on tribal areas and the connectivity of the state. This vision is articulated through various strategic initiatives such as:
1. Implementation of PM Excellence Colleges: Establishing PM Excellence colleges in several districts, ensuring quality education and skill development opportunities that will be accessible to all.

2. Meet Trade Regulations: Banning the illegal buying and selling of meat to safeguard the ecosystem and animal welfare awareness.

3. Cyber Tehsil System: Implementing a cyber tehsil system in districts, enabling paperless processing and swift redressal of grievances.

4. Infrastructure Development: Focusing on the fast paced infrastructure development, leveraging Madhya Pradesh’s inherent qualities as the heart of the country.

5. Connectivity Enhancement and launch of 15 NH Projects: Increasing the connectivity of the State through the introduction of international logistics, and express highways and improves connectivity’s. The Hon’ble Union Minister of Road Transport and Highway Nitin Gadkari Sir and I launch 15 NH projects worth Rs 10,000 crore for the State.

6. Tourism, Connectivity and Infrastructure development: I have initiated the development of Helipad, airport to be developed in Ujjain to promote religious and spiritual tourism with new roads and easy connectivity.

7. Continuation of the previous Schemes: Ensuring that the previously introduced schemes, such as the “Ladli Behena Yojana” with payments set to commence from the 1st of March 2024. These initiatives reflect the holistic approach to governance, aiming to uplift all segments of society while ensuring sustainable development and environmental conservation.

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