Despite the recovery of crores from Arpita Mukherjee’s flat, Partha Chatterjee has ‘no house, no car, not even…’

Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning – ED claims, in a 19-hour operation, cash of Rs 27 crore 90 lakh was recovered from the house of Partha Chatterjee’s ‘Intimate Friend’ Arpita Mukherjee at Belgharia. Earlier on Friday, ED claimed that Rs 21 crore 90 lakh was recovered from Arpita’s Tollygunge flat. That is, 49.8 crore rupees in all. Now the question is, is he really have so much money? Although this money was recovered from his ‘Intimate Friend’s’ house, Arpita claims that all the money found belongs to Partha. But ED has not revealed anything yet.

According to sources, Arpita made such a claim to the ED officials during the interrogation. She also claimed that she did not know how much money was kept in his house. Arpita said that Partha’s men used to come and deposit money there. Not only that, she had no right to enter the room where this money was kept. Speculations have been made after this allegation. The question is, is this money really belongs to the former education minister of the state? However, the account of the affidavit that Partha submitted to the Election Commission during the 2021 assembly elections says otherwise.

In the affidavit submitted by Partha to the Election Commission, the heavyweight leader of Trinamool, who contested from Behala West constituency in 2021, said the following:

  • 1 lakh 48 thousand 676 rupees in cash. At the same time, he has 24 lakh 81 thousand, 23 lakh 32 thousand 935, 15 lakh 1 thousand 161 and 1 lakh 8 thousand 69 in 4 branches of the two banks.
  • A life insurance policy of Rs. 25 lakhs in his name. Life insurance, bank deposits together with his savings of 90 lakh 94 thousand 863!
  • Parth informed the Election Commission, he does not own a single car. 
  • He also does not have any agricultural land purchased from family sources or from his own earnings.
  • Partha said that he has a house in family sources. That house is in Naktala. The name is ‘Vijayketan’. Incidentally, Partha was arrested by the ED from that house last Saturday. 
  • Partha said in the affidavit that he got the house on one and a half katha land from his father. The house was built in 1989. 6 lakh rupees were spent to build the house. However, according to 2021 prices, that house costs Rs. 25 lakhs. 
  • Partha also claimed in the affidavit that he does not have any gold-diamond-platinum jewellery. 
  • Apart from this, the affidavit submitted by Partha says that there is no loan in his name anywhere. 
  • In addition, he also informed that his total income in the financial year 2019-20 was 5 lakh 39 thousand 720. 
  • According to Parth’s affidavit, the total immovable property of Parth is 90 lakh 94 thousand 863 rupees.

After Partha’s name was implicated in the recruitment corruption case, he was recently arrested by the ED. Although nothing special was recovered from his house, the ED claims that from two flats of Partha Chatterjee’s ‘Intimate Friend’ Arpita they recovered around 49.8 crores. 

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