Corridor of Kashi, PM Modi is optimistic about the future of India!!

After inaugurating the project in Varanasi, his Lok Sabha constituency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the Rs 339-crore Kashi Vishwanath Dham Corridor, which has revamped and renovated the temple premises and its link to the Ganges, is a testament to a resurgent nation bridging its ancient civilization and modernity.

Just weeks before the poll notice in Uttar Pradesh, Modi reiterated his pitch for the simultaneous development of infrastructure and sacred locations as crucial to the establishment of the “new India.”

Today’s India is not only beautifying the temple of Somnath but also installing thousands of kilometers of optical fiber into the sea. Modern India is not only restoring the Baba Kedarnath temple, but it is also preparing to launch Indian astronauts into space on its own. Today’s India is not only constructing Lord Ram’s temple in Ayodhya but also establishing medical colleges in every region. Today’s India is not only constructing a big Baba Vishwanath temple, but it is also constructing pucca housing for hundreds of impoverished people, Modi remarked.

The Prime Minister outlined the elements of the temple corridor and exhorted the people to make three resolutions: cleanliness, creation, and ongoing efforts towards Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India). He also praised the Uttar Pradesh government, calling Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath a “karma yogi” for finishing the project. And he praised Punjab’s contribution to the temple’s early development, citing Guru Nanak’s visit and Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s gold donation.

When speaking about how Varanasi has weathered the test of time, Modi remarked, referring to the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb’s horrors and terror are documented in history. One who attempted to transform civilization by the force of arms, violently trampling on culture. However, the soil in this country differs from that of others. If Aurangzeb appears, Shivaji will rise. If some Salar Masud tries to advance, warriors like Raja Suheldev serve as a reminder of our union’s strength. “

He claimed that numerous old temples that had fallen extinct had been resurrected as part of the corridor project. He remarked that after the completion of the Vishwanath Dham project, it has become convenient for everyone to reach here, noting that worshippers, particularly the elderly, have previously had difficulty approaching the temple.

Modi had previously presented flowers to project employees and other staff members, as well as having lunch with construction workers. He conveyed his gratitude to them, stating that the COVID epidemic had not slowed them down in their work.

On March 8, 2019, the Prime Minister placed the project’s foundation stone. The idea was designed to provide pilgrims with an easily navigable path. The opening was attended by around 3,000 dignitaries, including seers, priests, artists, and other notable figures, as well as chief ministers from BJP-ruled states.

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