Colleges in Maharashtra Closed till 15th February!!

Offline classes have been canceled in Maharashtra colleges and universities. Physical lessons in all colleges and universities in the state will be discontinued immediately effect, according to State Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant. According to Samant, the colleges and institutions would be shuttered until February 15, 2021.

In addition, in light of the current scenario, Uday Samant has announced that all examinations will be performed online. During this time, university dorms and hostels will be closed. The decision was made as the number of cases in the state continued to rise.

The decision, according to the decree, applies to all non-agricultural institutions and colleges in the state, as well as private universities and colleges. All hostels would be closed as well, although foreign students would be allowed to stay in the hostels and get all the necessary care. All tests scheduled during this time will be performed online, and if a student is unable to complete the exam online, the college will provide enough assistance to ensure that the year is not disrupted.

It has been recommended that all colleges establish a student helpline to assist students during this time. At the university, only 50% of teaching and non-teaching employees are permitted. The decree also advises all higher educational institutions to ensure that all students and faculty members get vaccinated. If someone has not been vaccinated, the information must be disclosed to the authorities so that necessary action can be taken.

Due to the closure of Maharashtra Colleges, all higher educational institutions in the state are reverting to online classes. According to certain sources, the state may experience a mini-lockdown situation. When COVID cases place a strain on the medical system, limits are likely to be implemented, with colleges and universities bearing the brunt of the consequences.

The COVID tally in Maharashtra has alarmed people across the country, with over 18,000 new illnesses confirmed in the last 24 hours. Given that children’s immunization has already begun, the government is debating the extent of restrictions that must be enforced.

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