Child Trafficking and Pressure into Begging!!

On Saturday night, ten youngsters, including four baby boys and a baby girl, were rescued from the Frazer Town and Kammanahalli police station limits in a fight against children being coerced into begging. The CCB police, in collaboration with the NGO Freedom India, raided multiple locations in the Frazer Town and Kammanhalli areas.

These types of crimes have become particularly contentious in recent years because the leader of the racket chopped off their hands, leaving them disabled and forcing them to beg.

The CCB sleuths were tipped off and detained six people, five of whom were ladies from Rajasthan and the other from Tamil Nadu. During questioning, it was discovered that the defendant used to drug newborns with sleeping medications and take them around for begging. According to the authorities, they utilized anesthesia to keep the newborns from crying.

According to a senior police officer, “We received a few complaints from sources claiming that this scam had spread throughout populated neighborhoods.” These beggars have formed a syndicate with people from many states, and they drug the newborns to attract sympathy from the general population, which would then offer them money.

The location of where the babies were obtained is still being investigated. They initially claimed the babies were their own, but it was later uncovered that they had been given to them by someone else. “

It appears to be a massive scam, and the babies were either bought or stolen from remote areas across the country. To save such newborns, similar raids would be carried out, “the officer added. The police have charged the suspects with violating sections 370 of the Indian Penal Code (purchasing or selling a person as a slave) and 23 and 24 of the Juvenile Justice Act (punishment for cruelty to a juvenile or child and employment of a juvenile or child for begging).

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