British guy becomes World’s Richest for 7 mins!!

For seven minutes, a British man became the world’s richest for nearly double the amount of Tesla founder Elon Musk. Come at me, Elon.” Max Fosh, a YouTuber with over six million subscribers, created a comprehensive video demonstrating how he did it and posted it to his channel with the caption: “Come at me, Elon.” In the video, which has already had over 5.75 lakh views, he says, “If I founded and registered a corporation with 10 billion shares and offered one share for 50 pounds as an investment opportunity, that would theoretically value my firm at 500 billion pounds.”

“That would make me the richest guy on the planet,” he continues, “completely decimating my nearest opponent, Elon Musk.”
However, there is a catch. He may be charged with “fraudulent activities.” He groans, “That’s not good.”
In the eight-and-a-half-minute video, he establishes Unlimited Money Limited from the ground up. He declares “earning money” under the heading “What will the firm be doing?” during the registration process. The process takes two days, according to the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. Max, on the other hand, took as long to submit his application as it took him to grab a cup of coffee.

He shares the Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company that made his “Unlimited Money Limited” an official company, astounded by the quickness and promptness.
It’s now time to dress the role of the world’s wealthiest guy. He rummages through the washing basket for the one outfit he possesses.
He then makes his way to the financial area, carrying a table, a chair, and a bedsheet to cover the table, looking smart in his suit, tie, and glasses.
Then he launches into his pitch. He tries to attract passers-by by offering them an “investment opportunity.” Even so, he is ethical in his efforts, warning potential investors, “It is not a financially very safe investment.”

After a slew of Nos, he strikes it rich. It’s time to take the paperwork to the valued advisor after a woman finally agrees to acquire a share for 50 pounds. He sends the documents “to decide his fate” the next day. Two weeks later, he
receives a response from the valued advisor. He eagerly reads from the advisor’s letter to him, “Given the range of information provided to us, the market valuation of Unlimited Money Limited has been appraised at 500 billion pounds.”

But his happiness is fleeting.

He proclaims in surprise that he was “technically being accused of fraud” because the company has no income and thus nothing to back up this valuation.

Now he faces the monumental challenge of discovering the one woman who purchased an interest in the company so that he can dissolve it as the valuation advisor suggested.

However, he discovers her email address on the paperwork and contacts her. Finally, he adjourns the meeting with her permission.

With nearly 1,400 comments, the video has 49,000 “likes” and zero “dislikes.”

“I believe this may have set a new record for the most money lost in the quickest length of time,” one user speculated.

“At this point, Max has rubbed hands with the affluent and famous, attended the most exclusive clubs and events, and has amassed the title of world’s richest man.” He seems to be completing every Skyrim mission in real life. Another said, “Next, he’ll be royalty or a president.”

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