Rising from the East: The Illustrious Journey of Amisha Chaliha

 “Be yourself, be certain no matter what, and be a great soul.” – Amisha Chaliha

Within the bustling world of fashion, Amisha Chaliha rises as a symbol of tenacity and elegance, hailing from the serene town of Margherita in Assam, India. At 24, her journey from a little town to the global stage is a testament to diligence and vigour. Her journey started with scholastic greatness, graduating in Political Science from Dibrugarh University.

Yet, her heart was set on the runway, where she found her true calling. With self-taught determination, she ventured into modelling, absorbing wisdom from YouTube tutorials and industry veterans. Her efforts eventually bore fruit. From claiming titles like ‘Miss Assam’ first runner-up and ‘Miss Kalestia,’ to winning the ‘DY Calendar Girl’ with the subtitle of ‘Most Photogenic Face of the Year,’ Amisha’s rise was meteoric.

Nonetheless, she remained anchored to her roots, volunteering with the National Service Scheme and contributing to social causes amid the lockdown. In expansion to her exceptional accomplishments within the fashion world, Amisha effectively volunteered with the National Service Scheme, devoting herself to different social causes. Her commitment to benefit underscores her multifaceted approach to making a positive affect in her community, encapsulating the pith of kindness and strengthening. 

In 2023, Amisha’s story took her to Surat, Gujarat, where she oversaw sales for the renowned B2B Zardozi Royale brand, specialising in bridal wear. This stint enhanced her understanding of the industry, shaping her into a versatile proficient. Today, Amisha graces runways with poise, captivating groups of onlookers with her elegance.

Amisha Chaliha’s story embodies the triumph of determination over circumstance. Her desire transcends beyond allure. She aims to rouse young ladies to seek after their dreams passionately, independent of obstructions and hindrances. Her journey rouses countless souls, reverberating the conviction that with unwavering belief, dreams can undoubtedly take flight.

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