ALANKRITA SAHAI: The Art of Balancing Fame and Tradition

Alankrita Sahai, born on April 14, 1994, in New Delhi, India, is a model, actress, and beauty pageant titleholder as Miss India Earth 2014. She is an absolute delight and pleasure to watch on-screen. An actress on the rise, she is making smart career moves by being selective about her projects, which has helped her carve a niche in the industry.

Sahai made her debut in a music album launched by T-Series. Notably, she is the first Indian to win seven titles at the Miss Earth pageant held in the Philippines. In 2018, she entered the acting arena with the Netflix romantic comedy film “Love per Square Foot”, “Namaste England.” Her filmography includes diverse roles in projects like “TIPPPSY,” “The Incomplete Man,” and various music videos.

Alankrita Sahai, a rousing talent in the entertainment industry, seamlessly balances her professional commitments with her passion for philanthropy and family traditions. Amidst her busy schedule, Sahai actively engages in philanthropy, notably assisting people during the Covid-19 pandemic by providing oxygen cylinders and food supplies. Despite her hectic workload, she emphasises the blessings of her work prospects, stating, “There’s no way you can or should complain when God blesses you with good work prospects and opportunities.”

While prioritising her career, Sahai ensures she cherishes moments with her family, delaying work travel plans to celebrate Dussehra together. She highlights the significance of family in embodying the essence of the festival, stating, “Dussehra is all about the good and positive dominating the evil, and what better company than your family to feel this essence.” Sahai’s dedication to creating a festive atmosphere at home reflects her commitment to balancing work and personal life.

Sahai’s ability to gracefully harmonise her various roles and priorities showcases her as a remarkable talent, captivating audiences and critics alike in the entertainment world. In her pursuit of excellence, she serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the art of balancing fame, tradition, and philanthropy with grace and integrity.

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