632 New Covid Cases In Delhi Today, Positivity Rate Reduces To 4.42%

The positivity rate, or confirmed cases every 100 tests, fell from 7.72 per cent yesterday to 4.42 per cent today.

COVID-19 cases in Delhi today rose 26 per cent to 632 since yesterday. The positivity rate or confirmed cases every 100 tests fell from 7.72 per cent yesterday to 4.42 per cent today.

After a steady fall in Covid cases, Delhi has been seen a spurt in new infections with the positivity rate registering a nearly three-fold rise between April 11 and 18, according to the Delhi Health Department’s data.

On April 11, the positivity rate stood at 2.70 per cent, which jumped to 3.95 per cent on April 15, followed by 5.33 per cent on April 16, and 7.72 per cent on April 18, data shows.

The trend is, however, not concerning as most of the cases are mild. “The XE variant has more transmissibility but is causing mild infection. It is causing upper respiratory infection and not lower respiratory infection,” Dr Jugal Kishore, head of community medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, told news agency PTI.

India’s overall COVID-19 cases remain low, though there has been an uptick in cases in the last week in several cities. Delhi, for example, is reporting rising COVID-19 cases among children in schools, which is a worrying sign, the country’s top biomedical scientist Dr Gagandeep Kang told NDTV last week.

She had said the gradual rise in cases cannot be yet called the onset of a fourth wave. “Saying so would be a stretch,” Dr Kang said, adding people should be prepared for reinfections, whether they have been infected before or vaccinated.

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