58 Yrs Old Man Travel 50 KMS on Electric Bicycle!!

Umesh Shripat Alone, a 58-year-old Khanda Colony resident, has succeeded in converting his conventional bicycle into an electric bicycle.

He used to take roughly 40 minutes to travel 10 kilometers on his ordinary bicycle to get to his office in Belapur’s CBD. He now covers the same distance in under 24 minutes on his electric cycle.

Alone, who works as a senior technician for the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), began cycling to work as a form of physical exercise. With a regular bicycle, though, he struggled to manage his time. As a result, he began to look into ways to reduce commute time without giving up his bicycle habit.

As a technician, I was familiar with the basic concepts of powering a light car with a rechargeable battery. I also saw a few movies of similar cars, which helped form my ideas, “Alone explained.

“I spent roughly Rs 35,000 in the first half of 2020 on a DC battery, an electric motor, an accelerator, and other necessary materials.” “I kept trying to convert my conventional bicycle into an electric bicycle using them, and after nearly two months, I succeeded,” Alone added.

Alone’s success story, on the other hand, was mostly unknown until his electric cycle was displayed in a road exhibition of similar vehicles held by the MSEDCL last month. Throughout the tournament, his efforts were praised, and his senior also congratulated him at the conclusion.

“With a completely charged battery, I can cycle for about 50 kilometers.” It has a top speed of roughly 25 km/h and can be ridden by anyone with some basic instruction. The nicest part is that I can still ride it like a normal bike. When I’m not in a rush, I frequently pedal, which has helped me stay in shape. It just takes two units of electricity to charge the battery, which costs roughly Rs 8. So, for only Rs 8, I can pedal up to 50 kilometers, “he explained.

“I am retiring in December this year,” Alone stated when questioned about his future intentions. I’ll try to change this pattern now that I have more spare time. I’m going to try to utilise a small generator to recharge the battery while it’s still moving. “

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