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Trycon Technologies Announces Hybrid Working Model for All Employees

Trycon Technologies, one of the leading providers of QR Codes globally, has announced a hybrid working model for all of its employees.

All employees will have an option to choose a preferred work environment from the following:

  • 100% Work-from-Home

  • 100% Work-from-Office

  • Combination of home and office

Gautam Garg, Co-founder & CEO, Trycon Technologies

“When it comes to consuming content, people choose how they want to do it. Some read articles, others watch videos, and some listen to podcasts. In the same way, we realized, during the pandemic, that people thrive in the work environment that best works for them. This is why were now offering a hybrid working model and our people have the freedom to choose their model every month. Our company is because of these people and their safety, mental health, and growth is our topmost priority,Gautam Garg, Co-founder & CEO, Trycon Technologies.

Not just a hybrid working model, Trycon has several employee-friendly policies. These are a part of the company’s effort to reimagine conventional workplace dynamics. All the employees are given access to company-paid learning resources such as online courses, books, expert sessions, and other forms of on-the-job training. This is done to help them build their skillset. In fact, to foster team bonding and give employees regular breaks from work, the company also organizes monthly team outings and bi-annual outstation trips.

The key features of Trycons boundaryless workplace model also include:

Meal Passes: To get more out of your compensation, employees get the option of Sodexo meal passes that are accepted nationwide – including at Zomato and Swiggy. These passes also help employees reduce their tax liability.

Loyalty Rewards: To appreciate and celebrate employees’ loyalty, they get monetary rewards every work anniversary.

Bi-Annual Outstation Trips: Every 6 months, the entire team goes on a fully-paid outstation trip.

Monthly Team Outings: Every month, the entire team goes out in the city for an activity. This gives us a great opportunity for team bonding.

“As a Founder of Trycon, I can say that the company exists to bring an impact to technological innovation, to our global customers, to the growth of our nation, and to the communities around us. But I personally believe that this is not possible without first ensuring the well-being and growth of the people responsible for driving this impact – our team members. As a company, we believe in a good life and we ensure that we enable that for our people,” said Gautam Garg, Co-founder & CEO, Trycon Technologies.

Trycon is one of the new-age companies that’s striving to build an employee-centric work environment. Besides happy employees, the company also focuses on servicing customers globally via QR Code-based innovations. Till now, Trycon has served more than 200,000 businesses from over 195 countries.

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