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The Lip Balm Company Launches Jasmine-based Lip Balm to Celebrate India’s 75 Years of Independence

  • Priced from Rs. 555 onwards, it comes in an attractive vintage-looking wooden box.

  • Suitable for everyone from the age of ten.

Chennai-based The Lip Balm Company has launched a lip balm which is a modern take on the traditionally alluring scent of Jasmine flowers.The lip balm is for both men and women and has been launched to celebrate India’s 75 years of Independence.

The alluring scent of Jasmine now in your lip balm

Jasmine has always found its place in our tradition since time immemorial. Jasmine flowers are well known for their fragrance and have caused many a heart to flutter. Many women generally wear Jasmine flowers every day, especially in the evenings, as it creates a positive vibe due to its heavenly fragrance. Incidentally, the Jasmine grown in Madurai, Tamil Nadu has a GI tag and is exported to many countries.

Keeping the heritage and tradition of Tamil Nadu in mind, The Lip Balm Company created this unique lip balm that promises to provide a sensorial feast to the lips. Dubbed as the Date Night Lip Balm, this jasmine-flavoured lip balm comes under three ranges – “Levitate” to symbolize the mood-elevating feel of jasmine, “Edhazh” to denote the pure and original, completely organic jasmine butter that forms the main ingredient of the lip balm, and “Lip Bomb Bombs“, to depict the plumping qualities of this lip balm. The scent gets activated by blending or massaging the product on the lips to provide an elegant note of jasmine aroma.

We discovered these fragrances after much research and understanding of Jasmine. We felt the launch should happen on our Independence Day as it symbolizes a fresh beginning,” said Revanth P.G., Plant Biologist, Research and Development, The Lip Balm Company.

The Jasmine lip balm comes in an attractive 5 g and 10 g. “Once again, keeping in mind the launch date and what this represents, we decided to package this in a vintage-looking jasmine printed wooden box. This box is sure to be treasured even after the lip balm has been all used up,Revanth quipped.

The variants are priced at Rs. 555 for the 5 g and Rs. 999 for the 10 g. It is sold in the CHOSEN Store in Chennai, and one can check out the link

About The Lip Balm Company

The Lip Balm Company™ is all about opening the door to lip heaven. It is your guidewire to happy lips ever after. The Lip Balm Company™ is all about safety, efficacy and, of course, luxurious elegance – all of which are in the DNA of a TLBC lip balm! By infusing the lip balms with plant goodness and flavours, the lip balms would go from healers to enhancers, brighteners, lip lifters and mood elevators. The Lip Balm Company™ has sworn a promise to make only the best of the lip balms and lip balms from only the best of ingredients. We firmly believe that there is a lip balm for every pair of lips ever made and that it is our solemn duty to make a match between the two. Join us, travel with us, explore our offerings, and stop to smell the roses, oranges or apples – well, whatever delicious flavour that your lip balm carries. For, as we at The Lip Balm Company™ say, There’s always time for Lip Balm!

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