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Rajnandini Metal Limited Scores a Hattrick of Giving Bonuses

Rajnandini Metal Limited has time and again proved itself as to why it’s simply the best solution providing company in the global metal industry. With the production capacity of over 2000 Metric tonnes, Rajnandini Metal Limited has been a leader in manufacturing copper wire rods, CCR rods, annealed copper and bunched wires, submersible cables, housing wires and other special cables. The company is growing at a rapid pace with finance cost remained under control during FY2021-22. It has witnessed an increase in the net profit by 128% in the quarter ended June 2022 along with sales crossing 1000 crores mark this year already.

Mr. Het Ram Sharma – Managing Director, Rajnandini Metal Limited

Rajnandini Metal Limited has scored a HATTRICKthis year as it has now given BONUS for the THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR. Setting standards of investor satisfaction, the company has given yet another round of bonus shares to its investors in the ratio of 1:2. The Board of Directors declared Bonus Ratio on 10th August, 2022 for a third time in a row, even before the completion of one year since the issue of the previous bonus. Irrespective of the pandemic, Rajnandini Metal Limited had provided bonus twice in 2020 and 2021.

In 2020, the company announced a bonus in the ratio 1:1 which was distributed on 3rd September. In 2021, Rajnandini Metal Limited issued bonus shares in the ratio 1:2 to its investors on 2nd September. Along with the declaration of bonus, Rajnandini Metal Limited also recently issued maiden dividend of 10% which is only bound to contribute to the company’s upward growth.

Mr. Het Ram Sharma, Managing Director-Rajnandini Metal Limited shares, “I am proud to announce that Rajnandini Metal Limited declared bonus shares to its investors in the ratio of 1:2 on 10th August. By doing so, we hope to strengthen our relation and trust in our investors. We didn’t deprive our investors of what they deserved even during the pandemic and we shall not deprive them even if some other pandemic comes our way! Also, we recently announced a median dividend of 10%. We hope to continue our upward growth in the coming years. I am thankful to all investors who have shown their trust in the company.”

Rajnandini Metal Limited recently acquired a land of over 10,000 sq meter which will soon be developed into a full-fledged Special Cables plant. With the capability of high-tech machines and innovative technology, the manufacturing plant has the capacity to draw the copper wires of all sizes ranging from 8 mm to 0.1 mm. Also, for the future, Rajnandini Metal Limited aims at expanding their capacity and capability by introducing their own new products under their brand name-RML. The product line is said to have items including MCB, Switches, LED, Fans, Geysers and other household appliances. The company is also set to introduce a B2C segment by aggressive push of wire manufacturing.

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