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Bengali Female Music Band Sampan Bring a Slice of Bengal’s Culture to the Capital City

The city’s Bengali female music band Sampan in association with Chittaranjan Memorial Society presented a musical soiree of songs and dances based on the writings of the iconic poet Sri Rabindranath Tagore in the capital over the weekend. Conscious of the fact that they are far away from their own soil, the Sampan performers are determined to bring the rich culture of Bengal alive in the capital city through their performances.

Bengali Female Music Band Sampan

The name Sampan itself sweeps in a typical Bengali wave, for it means a small boat in Bengali, and this group of like-minded women are passionate about everything ‘Bengali‘. Exploring and recalling the beauty of “Banglar gaan” aka Bengali songs, Sampan’s founder, Ms. Swarupa Mukherjee shared that the unique event involved a dramatic representation of the City of Joy that had the predominantly Bengali-speaking audience totally enthralled leading to a truly exciting and fun evening.

Sampan turned the stage into a slice of the wonderland that’s Bengal with memorable compositions of Tagore like Hriday aamar, oi bujhi tor, Nil anjano ghono punjochayay, sombrito ambar he gombhir, Sarot, tomar aarun aalor Anjali, Aaj khela bhaangar khela khelibe aaye and others. Sheatwork, a one-stop knowledge hub for women entrepreneurs was the sponsor of the programme.

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